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Heather Mahoney Interview 15 March 2023Artist Name
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You’re thinking of writing a book or have already published your book? Well, congratulations, what a sense of accomplishment! But what if no one knows anything about it? You’ll lose out on recognition for your hard work and recognition leads to sales.

Recognition takes time and patience. Yes we all want instant success but it takes consistent, hard work to market and promote your book/s. There are millions of authors all clamouring for attention and recognition is not going to happen within a few weeks. Readers want to get to know the writer behind the books and the relationships that Book Talk Podcast has built over time ensures that whenever we market and promote a book, readers sit up and take notice. We have the time and patience to consistently market and promote for you as that's our speciality! 


As a self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to get your name out there. I was let down very badly by a national radio station that should know better and cancelled my on air interview to an audience of thousands at the last minute. Rather than stay angry and upset, five years ago I decided to see if I could set up my own internet radio station for authors - kind of like talk radio but 'Book Talk Radio'!

I have 30 years marketing and promotions experience and whilst I can't promise you sales of your book/s (run like the wind if someone does!) I can promise you a huge amount of exposure of your books and your author brand.  You canalso view my author marketing website here for Social Media Campaigns, Book Trailers, Author Websites and more.



The Rebecca Chronicles


The Winemaker's Son


Designing Your Life's Roadmap

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