Vikki Walton

Vikki Walton is not a fan of dead grapes, but she is a fan of cozy mysteries. That’s why she loves writing her own cozies. Besides her backyard farming mystery series, she‘s working on a new series set in a small town in Texas (where she lived much of her life). Early 2019  she completed a rhyming children’s book (Will God Still Find Me?) in collaboration with her illustrator daughter. When Vikki’s not murdering people on paper, she’s writing nonfiction, travelling the globe as a house and pet sitter, and teaching various topics like work-quilting/entrepreneurship to adults. 

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Interview 20 April 2019

Vikki Walton Interview 20 April 2019 - Book Talk Radio Club
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Brett decides one day to run away and have some adventures. From the moon to the deepest ocean from the highest mountains to the darkest caves, Brett wonders 'will God still find me?' A wonderful faith based message for children aged 5+