Victoria Johnson

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"I never realized how addicted I am to being busy, needed, and constantly working until I saw myself in this book.  It is time for me to make some changes."

"This book is unique in that the author openly shares her feelings and I found myself thinking how much I could relate to what she experienced and overcame. It is going to change lives!"

"I laughed out loud and cried while reading "Do That & Then Some"  It is an emotional journey that I felt was about 'me' in so many places.  I am looking forward to working through the steps."

"I too have been keeping secrets and holding shame my whole life.  After reading this book, I felt like it was ok to open up and talk about my feelings.  I have a long way to go, but I can now see that I am not to blame for things that happened to me. Thank you for that."


Victoria is an internationally certified success coach with clients from all around the world.  She is a graduate of multiple coaching programs, both in personal development and business coaching.  Victoria is the National Teacher and Coach Trainers for Canada for Heal Your Life® Workshop Teachers and Coaches. Victoria supports and facilitates people through their spiritual and professional evolution based on the philosophies of Louise Hay.

Victoria loves to write – but her greatest passion is live training events.  She is a certified business trainer in ‘Managing with Heart and Mind’ and ‘Personality Dimensions’ and has taught and trained in Canada, the USA, India, and the UK.  She is available for corporate, non-profit, and keynote speaking and training events.  For more information please contact her through her website.

Victoria is an entrepreneur who owns multiple franchises specializing in helping people overcome their addictions through laser therapy and support.  She is an addictions counselor who has helped save thousands of people restore their health and relationships. She enjoys building businesses that empower and help others.

She is a courageous visionary who has mastered how to face fear and then go straight through it.  Victoria is a trained public speaker and leadership training expert. She is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership, Public Speaking and Coaching Program and a former corporate executive. Victoria teaches in a conversational style that uplifts and inspires people while providing plenty of “aha” moments.

Victoria is an active volunteer supporting people who advocate for victims of crime, tragedy and trauma. She is the mother of two grown children and their partners.  She and her partner Chris are grandparents to half a dozen beautiful children who keep them both inspired and focused on enjoying the present moment.

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