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Tyler Snyder


Tyler Snyder was born in 1984 in Medford, Oregon. As a child, he was captivated by movies, video games and Dungeons and Dragons, along with the worlds these activities created. The original spark that ignited Tyler’s imagination was when he wanted to see a movie that was like The Legend of Zelda. But the closest film at the time was The Dark Crystal. That itch, to this day, still has not been scratched. This led him to books and stories like the pass-times he adored. Giving him exposure to a much grander well of ideas and possibilities. Meeting like-minded friends who shared the same hobbies, Tyler developed a passion for creating new worlds. In Romancing the Darkness, Tyler explores his world, Ambion, and the endless paths his characters can walk, seeing exciting new creatures and mysterious gods. Mr. Snyder currently lives in Wyoming with his wife, Sandra Snyder.

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Interview 19 November 2021

Tyler Snyder Interview 18 Nov 2021Book Talk Radio Club
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