Trisha J Kelly

"Great fun for the run up to Christmas Day"

" Full of little twists and turns to keep the reader captivated and wanting to read on."

"Another good book by Trisha J Kelly"

"Grabs you right from the beginning, then she leaves you wanting more at the end."

"Brilliant loved the plot and the twists."

Trisha J Kelly was born in London in 1959. She has worked various places. No longer confined to 9-5 she is living her dream by writing, receiving great feedback and wishing she started sooner!

After always wanting to write books for children she is now doing just that. Life should be an adventure and the new series of Scarlett and Mason fantasy novels are designed to take you on a roller-coaster journey full of magical escapism and enjoyment. It's all there.

Trisha lived in Colchester Essex for over 50 years and has now relocated to Suffolk. Married with two adult sons and sharing life with two naughty ten-year-old Lhasa Apso dogs.

Growing up with just one younger brother who was always up to mischief was all the inspiration needed to turn the book dream into a reality. Plus a big imagination. The first in the series Discovering Witchetty Waters will transport you straight to another place where you will want to stay forever.

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