Tracey Gerrard

I was born, raised and still live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and have worked as a learning support assistant since 2005.

 At the age of forty-seven and being an avid reader of romance literature, I set myself a challenge to write a novel. When We Dance (Ain’t Nobody Series Book 1) had taken me two and half years to write, finishing it October 2018. Early 2019 and half way through When We Hurt (Ain’t Nobody Series Book 2) I decided it was time to have my first book published.

Since having WHEN WE Dance published in March 2019 and WHEN WE HURT in JULY 2019, I have now just had my third book WHEN WE LOVE published in June of this year.

When I’m not at work or spending time with my family you can find me sat at my laptop typing up ideas for my next book or reading a good romance novel.

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Interview 12 August 2020

Tracey Gerrard 12 August 2020Book Talk Radio Club
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When We Love

A wedding... A baby... A shooting, but who will be left fighting for their life? Vlad and Holly have overcome so much in their lives and come out the other side stronger and more determined to keep their love alive. Family is everything to the hopelessly devoted couple and the whole family is deliriously happy. However, can the love they hold remain strong and keep this family together, when Vlad becomes irrational after hearing the news that has become a shocking discovery?