Timothy  Gates

Tim is a husband, a father, a grandpa, a traveler, and a person who is ever so grateful for this adventure called life.


Professionally he has had the pleasure of providing medical care in a wide variety of settings and to a diverse population of patients. Areas of service have included military medic, nurse, and paramedic providing advanced life support for private, hospital based and fire department emergency medical systems. As a medic, Tim had the pleasure of precepting and instructing numerous paramedic students, many of which are serving as paramedics for agencies throughout Washington State today. While a firefighter paramedic he also served in an administrative role as lieutenant/medical and safety officer. As medical officer his duties included coordinating and teaching the Fire Academy, Emergency Medical Technician program and also serving as department chaplain coordinator and as a chaplain when the need arose.


In addition to employment within the United States, Tim also had the privilege of volunteering with disaster relief medical teams to Iraq, Sudan and Indonesia.Tim currently enjoys life together with his lovely wife, Carol and good doggie Ruca, just outside the quaint Norwegian-esqe town of Poulsbo in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.                               

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Interview 12 March 2020

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A Journey

The story of a person’s profoundly diverse and undeservedly blessed 60+ yrs of life on this planet. From growing up in the 60's and 70's, traveling as a young man in Europe and the Middle East (with a return trip to and 14 month stay in Israel,) military life, married and family life, work as a paramedic firefighter and as a nurse, wonderful opportunities to serve on medical teams to Kurdistan Iraq, West Darfur Sudan and Banda Aceh Indonesia and everything in between. It really has been a blast.