Tanya Vanderham

Tanya Vanderham grew up on a dairy farm surrounded by cows, birds, dogs, cats, goats, horses - an idyllic childhood! Her memoir Cowgirl tells the story of her childhood and the animals she loved.

She is also the author of three children's books; Patty's Favourite Shoes, Tippy Toes The Turtle and her most recent publication Alex The Sock Monkey: Has A Secret.

Tanya has nineteen grandchildren and lives in California with her husband John.

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Tippy Toes The Turtle

Tippy Toes was not like the rest of the turtles. He was different, and all the other little turtles of Turtle Town would tell him just how different he really was. But one day, a great adventure took them away from home. Tippy Toes was afraid! Then he remembered what his mother would always tell him, "You're not different. You are special! Someday they'll know." Then he knew EXACTLY what to do