Susanna Beard

Dare to Remember
Dare to Remember

Lead character Lisa is living a solitary life in a remote cottage in the country. She's suffered trauma and tragedy over the past months and hiding herself away is her only way of coping. However, she's not really coping very well. Her memory of the night when her best friend was murdered in front of her, and she herself was left badly injured is patchy, but there are flashes here and there. Memories make their way back to her, but she can't quite hold on to them.

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After a long career in PR, I wanted to write more freely and turned my attention to novels. I have a vivid imagination and love deep dark stories, from Victorian Gothic to contemporary Nordic noir tales. After learning the art of creative writing I wrote my first novel, Dare to Remember (published by Legend Press, 1st February, 2017). My aims are to write at least ten more novels – each better than the one before – and not to get old.


I live in Marlow with my sons and two dogs, who keep me sane and ensure I don’t become a lounge lizard. I’ve been swimming with whalesharks in Australia and trekking in Nepal; I’ve fallen down a crevasse in France, and lived to tell the tale. I’m passionate about tennis and animals.

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