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In a bird's view, I can see how every part of my journey comes together and puts me where I am now, spreading my healing message in a world overloaded with information and bombarded with stress-induced epidemic. It seems as if I have to experience what I have experienced so I can come to live the life I am meant to live, being an author, health coach, inspiring the world to move toward a higher vibration so we can all enjoy the blissful sensation only total health can bring about. 

When I was an English teacher in a law school China in my twenties, I often felt teaching was boring since I had nothing really to teach, except paraphrasing what was being said in the text book already. Naturally I left that teaching position, came to America to pursue my MBA and my American dream, ending up lost, depressed, and worn-out, with a weight that bugged me down and boarder-line diabetes rendered me perpetually tired, until I received the message and reversed all that baggage, inside out and outside in. 

Ever since, I have been on a mission, on a call, on purpose, to write, coach, speak the message of true healing, a healing that originates from the center...

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Interview 13 April 2017

Sue Ziang interview 13 April 2017 - Book Talk Radio Club
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