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Winner of Book Talk Radio Club's Book of the Year 2019 for Rebecca - A Way Back

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Growing up in the East End of London had its ups and downs, with the area still struggling to recover from WW2, austerity was high on the agenda. My grandfather grew fruit, vegetables, had ducks and chickens, all of which served as the mainstay of our diet. A glass of orange squash on a Sunday was the week’s highlight - poor-me. Far from it, I loved every minute. 

I did okay at school but particularly loved drawing and with the help of my art tutor, gained a place in St John Cass Royal School of Art studying graphic communication and typography. I went on to become a graphic artist, something I detested, feeling I was prostituting a God-given ability. I loved art but hated drawing what other people wanted. 

Now retired, I decided to write a book, something that had been under the surface for many years. Ha, being a ‘bloke’ I thought let’s write a sci-fi book, ‘coz that’s what blokes do. I struggled with this, and although I completed it, was never comfortable with this gene. I am not surprised that it resulted in the usual ‘auto, thanks but no thanks,’ from literary agents. This though, sent me on a mission to get it right.

After a lot of floating around in literary oblivion, I eventually found my voice. Unbeknown to me, Rebecca was there all along, waiting for me to find her. With her, came my voice, story, genre, and lead. It has subsequently been suggested I write with a feminine influence. I don’t mind that tag, as it’s probably true. I have now completed Volume II, Rebecca – A Way Back, and am working towards Rebecca – Beyond All Reason, hoping for a September 2019 release date. 

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