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Anna Everett - Author

One of the most challenging things about being a self published author is finding a voice and an audience.  Friends and family are great but that doesn’t help you take your voice to a wider audience.
Recently another lovely self published author friend was due to be interviewed on radio – an awesome outlet and a massive achievement.  It was a large commute and so frustratingly and to her disappointment, they rang her mid journey to cancel.  My heart went out to her – it is such a huge disappointment when that sort of thing happens.
However, being a very larger than life character, and not one to rest on her laurels she decided that rather than sit and feel sorry for herself she would do something to help not only her voice, but the voice of all self-published small authors who can be scorned and overlooked in favour of ‘proper’ authors. (I say there but by the grace of God…) Book Talk Radio Club was born!
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