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Hello everyone

At last....a bit of sunshine! Somehow it always makes things more hopeful again, don't you think?Also millions of people worldwide have already been vaccinated against Covid - light at the end of the tunnel.

I've now completed all of the interview with the finalists and winner of Book of The Year, you can listen to all of them here.

Welcome Paul S. Bradley to Book Talk Radio Club! You can find out more about him and his Andalusian Mystery Series below.

Did you know that Book Talk Radio Club interviews are now available to listen to on Google Podcasts as well as Amazon Alexa devices, iTunes and iHeart Radio? Not forgetting of course that the interviews are marketed and promoted to over 330,000 readers worldwide on social media as well.

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Scroll down the newsletter for more information and how to join.

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Stay safe and have a good March!

Claire Perkins XOX

Paul S. Bradley Paul S Bradley blames his Andalusian Mystery Series on ironed squid. Otherwise, he'd still be stuck in London failing at this, that, and the other. As discerning diners know, calamares a la plancha should translate as grilled squid. Then he noticed bad translations everywhere. He quit the rat race, moved to Nerja, Spain and helped the owner of this gastronomic gaff prepare his menu so that foreigners understood he was offering food, not laundry services.

During the following thirty years, this tiny translation evolved into a lifestyle magazine for the Costa del Sol, along with guidebooks and travelogues in English, German and Spanish. He's lectured about Living in Spain and bullfighting but is keen to emphasize that he never dressed in a tight, fancy suit or waved a pink cape at anyone; especially if they weighed 600 kilos and carried a sharp pair of horns. He has also appeared on local radio and TV but extremely briefly.

More recently, educated groups of posh American and Canadian Alumni have enjoyed his tour director services apart from the terrible jokes and occasional temporarily misplaced client.

Paul's books blend his unique taste of Spain with intriguing fictional mysteries.

Social Media Campaigns

Do you want exposure and attention for your book/s? Of course you do : )

A Social Media Campaign will do just that.....

"Claire has taken my books to a level I had only previously dreamt of. I now sell throughout the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many European countries." Stephen M. Davis, author of the Rebecca time travel series.

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Book Talk Radio Club On Air Author Interviews

"I love working with Claire Harris-Perkins! She's smart, funny and I love our interviews, they always increase my sales!" Kathy Golden Lindert, author of Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

BOOK TALK RADIO CLUB Three Month Membership One live on-air interview (can be pre-scheduled for those with a nervous disposition!) that will be MARKETED and PROMOTED TO OVER 445,000+ READERS WORLDWIDE on social media AND SYNDICATED to Google Podcasts, iTunes, Amazon Alexa, Spotify and iHeart Radio.

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Authors Promoting Their Books

One of Facebook's most popular groups for promoting your books.

Helpful marketing advice and help from the group's admin Claire Harris-Perkins who has over 25 years marketing and promotional expertise.

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Look out for the March Newsletter soon!

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