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I'm still accepting submissions for Book Talk Radio Club's 2020 Awards. If you wish to submit a book, you can do so by emailing me at Submission cut-off is 31 July. Further information can be found in this newsletter.

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Welcome To Book Talk Radio Club

Jenny Jeffrey

Jenny Jeffrey is grandmother to 3 beautiful teenage granddaughter’s two of whom are learning to drive.​For many years she has journalled and written an early morning flow of conscious writing – a very cathartic and healing experience. Her first book was published in her 68th year.​

As a preschool child Jenny experienced other dimensions as repetitive imagery just before sleep. She also retained her early childhood intuition. The passing of her three-year-old daughter in 1984, stimulated Jenny's Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, which are natural abilities, though dormant in many.

In 1990, her psychiatric nurse training was interrupted by debilitating health issues, which included Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and IBS; the result of taking prescribed steroids - Teaching herself watercolour painting helped alleviate the discomfort. Jenny moved to Bulgaria in 2008 for more sunlight and a drier climate. In 2013 she purposely relocated to a remote high valley in the Stara Planina mountains to write. her first book. Awakening The Inevitable Door was written in ‘conversation ‘with her daughter who passed age three in 1984.​

Jenny has a daily meditation / energy practise and uses diet and natural, holistic, and energy, methods of promoting and maintaining her physical body and mental well-being.​She has personally experienced the healing/rebalancing transmutative power of love which at its most powerful is expressed energetically through the heart. ‘All life forms, everything, responds to the healing power of love even slugs, for I have personally witnessed this. We mankind are changing from fear-based beings and living to heart-based beings and living. It is through our heart that we feel our energetic connection to all life no matter the form.” ​She is a passionate advocate of the interconnectedness and intercommunication of, mankind to and with, animals and all life forms. This includes Gaia the Planet Earth, and the dimensions beyond. This passion is the motivation for Jenny to give Gaia a voice in her second book Awakening to Gaia. Jenny first received from Gaia unexpectedly late 2010 during participation in a global meditation. A second followed in January 2011 and she has regularly received since.​

Jenny is now working on a novella (started some years ago) and her first children’s fantasy adventure.


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