Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter January 2020

Hello everyone!

Well, we're nearly at the end of January (phew!) such a loooong month.

The image above features just some of the authors of memoirs that I have interviewed (to listen to them, go to this link) Throughout February and during this year, I will be posting on social media images like this for all different genres of Book Talk Radio Club's authors. If you are interested in having your book and an interview featured please go to the membership page here.

If you are publishing a book in 2020, you might want to consider the 12 Week Social Media Marketing Campaign. Three customised graphics featuring your book cover, content (post wording), twice weekly posts on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms plus posting to Facebook groups (book related of course) with over 120,000 members. Perfect for the run up to and post publishing to create awareness and exposure for your book. See more information about this further down in the newsletter.

Thank you to all of Book Talk Radio Club and BTRC Author Services clients for the wonderful feedback and review of my services. It's always gratifying to receive 5* feedback as authors know. If you're still unsure if I can market and promote your book, read the reviews on The Wall of Positive Comments, hopefully you will see I can do the same for you!

Looking for a great book to read during the winter? Consider Book Talk Radio Club's Book of The Year - Rebecca: A Way Back. A time travel fantasy by a talented story teller: Stephen M. Davis or consider one of the finalist books - more information below.

Have a great February and happy writing!

Claire Perkins XOX

Welcome To Book Talk Radio Club

Courtney Hillesheim Courtney is a former New York public school teacher with over a decade of ESL teaching experience. After having her two daughters and returning to the classroom, she realized there is a vital need for parents to have access to the strategies, information, and perspectives that teachers use everyday in their classrooms. She created her company Parent Focus, becoming a parent educational coach and author with the focus of supporting parents in guiding their children through the 12 year process of formal education. "As a teacher and a mother, I realize that I interact with my daughter differently than I would if I had never been in the classroom. Every parent deserves to know that there are techniques out there that can really impact how they interact with their children's educations. That's why I write my books!"

Ralph E. Jarrells Ralph entered the field of writing novels late in his life, he is seventy-six years old. He retired from corporate America ten years ago and began an award winning video production company that specialized in creating video programs for ministry and mission organizations. So far, his work has received twenty-eight international creative awards."This is a good example that you are never to old to start a new chapter in your life, Jarrells said. "At seventy-six , maybe I should think about fishing or rocking in a chair over looking the ocean, but I never liked fishing and even though looking at the ocean sounds interesting, I think I wouldn't be able to take more than one day of that without something to do."

James Peters James Peters fell in love with Science Fiction at a young age, becoming hooked on the works of Asimov, Anderson, and Pohl (among many others), as well as the mixed bag of anything labeled Science Fiction on television or at the movies while growing up. While in grade school, he was given an assignment to write a journal about anything he wanted. He quickly filled the pages with a Buck Roger's type adventure of robots, spaceships, and pew-pewing lasers, discovering his inner passion to write.He writes with a gritty blend of character-driven action, wry humor, and social commentary that transports the reader through wild worlds of speculative fiction. He's known to cross the borders of different genres into new territory, along with an occasional 'wink and nod' to pop culture and other authors, then shock the reader with an unexpected turn of events.His Black Swan Planet series is an over-the-top and in-your-face hilarious romp through the galaxy, while his Cold Cosmos series is more traditional Space Opera told through the eyes of a cowboy from 1895, complete with action, humor and surprises for all.

Keeley Webb Born in Leeds but currently residing in Worcestershire with her husband, two children and a Staffordshire bull terrier. Keeley Webb spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book, Roald Dahl books, Nancy Drew, The Never-ending story to name just a few.In 2017 her Maternal Grandmother had a stroke, to deal with her grief Keeley started to write a book, loosely based on a dream she’d had. Death Made Me was published in 2017 and is available via The abundance of feedback and positive reviews encouraged her to write more.

Publishing A Book in 2020?

Create awareness and a huge amount of exposure for your book in the run up to and after publication.

A 12 Week Social Media Marketing Campaign will do just that!

Twelve weeks social media content

(includes two posts per week and three customized graphics to complement the posts)

Two posts per week on your:

* Facebook author page

* Facebook personal page

* Twitter

* Instagram

PLUS Facebook groups (book related with over 120,000 members)

Price: GBP240.00 (approx US$295.00)

"Thank you Claire. Your services are so professional there is no one out there that can help an author as much as you can." Richard Debenham, author of Counterweight Maneuver

To Purchase

Read more author reviews

Any questions, email

Looking For A Great Winter Read?

Consider Stephen M. Davis' Book Of The Year

Stephen, a gifted storyteller won the award for Rebecca - A Way Back, the second book in his time travel trilogy. You can listen to his interview here.

Finalists in Book Talk Radio Club's Awards.

Mark & Jules Kennedy - Don't Get Your Neck Tattooed

Kim Cresswell - Dawn of The Storm

Gene Stiles - Colony Nephilim

Sheri Poe-Pape - Cassie Pup Takes The Cake?

Solveig Eggerz - Sigga of Reykjavik

Jim Nesbitt - The Best Lousy Choice

Renate G. Justin - What I Have To Tell

You can listen to all of the interviews by visiting the awards page

Book Talk Radio Club On Air Author Interviews

Still unsure whether to join Book Talk Radio Club?

Check out the WALL OF POSITIVE COMMENTS Non-stop 5* reviews from authors Membership Page & Info: Live on air interviews marketed and promoted to over 330,000 readers worldwide on social media and syndicated to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Alexa & iHeart Radio

12 For 6 Offer 12 Months membership for the price of 6 months. £150.00 instead of £300.00 (Approx US$188.00 instead of US$376.00)

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BTRC Author Services offers all authors the following services: Social Media Marketing Packages (12, 24 & 48 Weeks)

It's not how often you post and where, so much as what you post. Social Media graphics (the image that accompanies the wording) needs to catch the eye of the reader in about 3-5 seconds and then the wording of the post has to keep the interest and encourage the reader to click on the link to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon etc). Think how much information is thrown at you on your newsfeed everyday and how much of it you automatically dismiss as you scroll through. You need to make each post count!

​Twelve weeks social media content (includes two posts per week and three customized graphics to complement the posts

Two posts per week on your:

* Facebook author page

* Facebook personal page

* Twitter

* Instagram

* Facebook groups (book related with over 120,000 members)

To purchase go here

Author Websites

A customized website designed and built to show off your book/s and writing with a blog facility included

​Sample chapters shown with links to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon)

Can include top reviews

Links to your social media platforms

​Three Page Author Website includes:

* Home Page

* Books Page

*About/Contact Page

* Domain Name (Renewable after 12 months)

* Hosting (Renewable after 12 months)

​To purchase go here

Facebook Header Videos

Attract your readers to your Facebook Author page with a header video! It will ensure your page is 'sticky' meaning it will keep your page visitors for longer reading your posts and engaging with them. Your header video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre.

A Header Video for your author Facebook page takes the place of the header image and will help to create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by spotlighting your book/s in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover.

To purchase go here

Book Trailers

Attract your readers with a book trailer video!

Your video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre. ​Book trailers are a brilliant way to bring books to life and often encourage readers to purchase a book they might not usually choose.

Your book trailer will be customized with a soundtrack that compliments your book and it's genre. Featuring your book's front cover, excerpts from your book, reviews and your author website and/or sales channel (i.e. Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc) You can be certain that your book trailer will be totally customized for you - no templates used here!

To purchase go here

Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics are the images that will stop people scrolling past your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!

​The graphic you use must catch the eye of the reader within three to five seconds, that's all you have.

BTRC Author Services' social media graphics are customised to your book's genre and show:

​* Your book/s in 3D

* Your sales channel i.e. 'Available at Amazon'

* Your website URL

​Graphics can be tailored to the following themes:

​* Halloween

* Christmas

* Easter

​I am always happy to accommodate your suggestions

To purchase go here

Authors Promoting Their Books

One of Facebook's most popular groups for promoting your books.

Helpful marketing advice and help from the group's admin Claire Harris-Perkins who has over 25 years marketing and promotional expertise.

To join Authors Promoting Their Books go here.

Please ensure you answer the questions in full in order to be confirmed for group membership.

Look out for the February Newsletter soon!

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