Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter November 2019

Hello everyone!

First off all I hope all of you in the USA have a lovely Thanksgiving and a good time with your families.

Book Talk Radio Club's Awards were on the 10 November and the winner of Book of The Year was Rebecca - A Way Back by Stephen M. Davis. An absolutely wonderful story teller. You can find out more about Stephen further down in this newsletter.

Time is marching on and the holidays are getting nearer and nearer! In the lead up to the holiday season and of course during it (!) you need to make sure readers are aware of your books on social media. I'm offering two Five Week Holiday Countdown Book Marketing Packages. Just scroll down this newsletter and you'll find out what's included.

I also have some great holiday Gift Certificates for the author in your life (or as an author if you feel like treating yourself - and why not? LOL)

Who would like a holiday themed book trailer? Each trailer is max 60 seconds in length so you can use them all over the place to promote your book for the upcoming (and during) holiday season! Each trailer has a holiday themed soundtrack to it too, again, scroll down for more information.

Here's to a great December!

Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club

Ane Veriku

Ane Veriku is a young adult science fiction writer with a penchant for time travel. She grew up in Adelaide and moved to Sydney when she was ten years old.

​She wanted to be a writer since the age of fifteen and is living out her dream. She enjoys long walks to the bookshop, chocolate frappes and most of all, working on her writing. She graduated with a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in writing and cultural studies from The University of Technology, Sydney.

She is the writer of The Heart Clock. This is her debut novel. Ane lives with her family in Sydney, Australia.

Alan Black

"I was raised and grew up in the United Methodist Church. While I do proudly embrace my background and personal history within the United Methodist Church, I do feel that ultimately what is important is not the denomination that you are a part of. What matters most is the relationship that you have with the Lord. Part and parcel to any relationship is the level of commitment that one makes to it. With any and all relationships they are going to take time to grow.

Through the years, if I were to describe my relationship with the Lord using one word it would be “transformation.” Continuing to grow daily in my walk with the Lord, and as well continue to display the fruits of his Spirit daily is for me what my life is all about. Frankly for these times, my attitude and belief is that the world is looking to those who are Christians to see if in fact their talk does indeed match their walk.

As is the case with each of us I have experienced many twists and turns along the road of life. But each and every step along that road has lead me to this point in life to humbly say that I am an author. But most of all to be able to say that I am a Christian author to me is the most important thing of all.

To everything there is a time and season. Though I was unsure of what was in store for me, I am blessed to say that by just being obedient and trusting in the Lord I am now able to say and mostly importantly show others that God will qualify you and lead you to accomplish what His charge is for you by just being a willing servant. As this is a fact, what He has done through me, it was done so to give Him the glory."

Billy Nahn

A 30-year Director, Producer and Writer for National and International TV Advertisements. Billy has directed 3 Super Bowl commercials and oversaw the International Production of TV ads for He traveled extensively for over two-years filming commercials in South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the UK. 2019 Literary Awards; * Award-Winning Finalist in the Travel: Guides & Essays category of the 2019 Best Book Awards * Award-Winning Finalist in Travel, Independent Author Network

He and his wife, Shanie, live in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

A.R. Hetherington

A.R. Hetherington writes fantasy fiction for the junior and middle grade age range. Her action packed series has had wonderful feedback from girls and boys, teachers, parents and grandparents. The author teaches part time and visits schools to lead courses in creative writing. She is passionate about inspiring our next generation of writers, bloggers, reviewers and journalists. If you love time travel, fantastic creatures, quests, fearless friendships, magic and mystery then this is the author for you. A.R. Hetherington loves to snorkel and travel; she has swum with sharks and survived a plane crash. She adores myths and legends from all cultures and her favourite thing is to cuddle up with her 2 gorgeous spaniels whilst immersing herself in brilliant books. The author grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland and now lives in the English countryside. She keeps fluffy fancy hens all named after inspirational women whilst dreaming of more exciting adventures in hot sunny places.

Book Talk Radio Club Awards 2019

Congratulations to Stephen M. Davis on winning Book Of The Year at Book Talk Radio Club's 2019 Awards!

Stephen, a gifted storyteller won the award for Rebecca - A Way Back, the second book in his time travel trilogy. You can listen to his interview here.

Congratulations of course also go to the finalists in Book Talk Radio Club Awards. They are:

Mark & Jules Kennedy - Don't Get Your Neck Tattooed

Kim Cresswell - Dawn of The Storm

Gene Stiles - Colony Nephilim

Sheri Poe-Pape - Cassie Pup Takes The Cake?

Solveig Eggerz - Sigga of Reykjavik

Jim Nesbitt - The Best Lousy Choice

Renate G. Justin - What I Have To Tell

I will be interviewing all of the finalists during November and December, so please visit the awards page to listen in and choose your next great read!

Holiday Countdown Book Promotion Package

Time to make readers aware of your book in the lead up to the holiday season with BTRC Author Services' FIVE WEEK HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN BOOK MARKETING PACKAGES


(You do the posting yourself)

Two customized holiday/winter themed graphics

Five weeks of post wording emailed for you to use as and when you wish in the run up to the holiday season

Price is GBP£70.00 (approx US$90.00)


(I post on your behalf)

Two posts per week accompanied by one customised graphic (can be holiday themed of course!)

Posts on your:

* Facebook author page

* Facebook personal page

* Twitter

* Instagram

PLUS* Facebook groups (book related with over 120,000 members

Price is GBP£140.00 (approx US$180.00)


"Claire is the best of the best, no one is capable of helping an author more than this lady!"

Richie De-Benham, author of Counterweight Maneuver

Great Marketing Gifts FOR Authors

* Three Month Book Talk Radio Club Membership *Twelve Month Book Talk Radio Club Membership

Choose from either a three month or a twelve month Book Talk Radio Club membership. The author receives live on air interviews that are marketed and promoted to:

Over 330,000 readers on social media & syndicated to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Alexa & iHeart Radio The author in your life gets their own dedicated Book Talk Radio Club author page so any links that we use in our posts and marketing will be directed to their author page. Give your loved one the recognition they deserve!

* Author Social Media Marketing Video Course *

LEARN HOW TO CREATE GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING POSTS FROM A MARKETING PRO! A four part, easy step by step video course for even the most technologically challenged author! Includes:


"Wonderful. It was easy, even for a beginner to follow. Well worth the money"

Gene Stiles, author of the Colony series

* Full Marketing Package for New Authors*

THE PERFECT MARKETING PACKAGE FOR NEW AUTHORS Includes: * Three Page Author Website * * Facebook Header Video * * Twitter Header Image * * 12 Weeks Social Media Marketing Campaign * Book Trailer * 12 Months Book Talk Radio Club Membership * Three live on-air interviews and a dedicated author page on Book Talk Radio Club's website


Holiday Themed Book Trailers

Who would like a holiday themed book trailer? Promote your book for the upcoming (and during) holiday season! Each trailer has a holiday themed soundtrack to it too (I do a quick turnaround so you'll have it mid to end of next week. Price: GBP£99.00 (approx US$125.00) P.S. make sure you have your sound turned up!


Book Talk Radio Club On Air Author Interviews

Still unsure whether to join Book Talk Radio Club? Check out the WALL OF POSITIVE COMMENTS Non-stop 5* reviews from authors Membership Page & Info: Live on air interviews marketed and promoted to over 330,000 readers worldwide on social media and syndicated to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Alexa & iHeart Radio I have some slots available in December - perfect for getting your book in front of over 330,000 readers worldwide on social media for the holidays!

12 For 6 Offer 12 Months membership for the price of 6 months. £150.00 instead of £300.00 (Approx US$188.00 instead of US$376.00)


BTRC Author Services offers all authors the following services: Social Media Marketing Packages (12, 24 & 48 Weeks)

It's not how often you post and where, so much as what you post. Social Media graphics (the image that accompanies the wording) needs to catch the eye of the reader in about 3-5 seconds and then the wording of the post has to keep the interest and encourage the reader to click on the link to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon etc). Think how much information is thrown at you on your newsfeed everyday and how much of it you automatically dismiss as you scroll through. You need to make each post count!

​Twelve weeks social media content (includes two posts per week and three customized graphics to complement the posts

Two posts per week on your:

* Facebook author page

* Facebook personal page

* Twitter

* Instagram

* Facebook groups (book related with over 110,000 members)

To purchase go here

Author Websites

A customized website designed and built to show off your book/s and writing with a blog facility included

​Sample chapters shown with links to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon)

Can include top reviews

Links to your social media platforms

​Three Page Author Website includes:

* Home Page

* Books Page

*About/Contact Page

* Domain Name (Renewable after 12 months)

* Hosting (Renewable after 12 months)

To purchase go here

Facebook Header Videos

Attract your readers to your Facebook Author page with a header video! It will ensure your page is 'sticky' meaning it will keep your page visitors for longer reading your posts and engaging with them. Your header video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre.

A Header Video for your author Facebook page takes the place of the header image and will help to create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by spotlighting your book/s in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover.

To purchase go here

Book Trailers

Attract your readers with a book trailer video!

Your video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre. ​Book trailers are a brilliant way to bring books to life and often encourage readers to purchase a book they might not usually choose.

Your book trailer will be customized with a soundtrack that compliments your book and it's genre. Featuring your book's front cover, excerpts from your book, reviews and your author website and/or sales channel (i.e. Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc) You can be certain that your book trailer will be totally customized for you - no templates used here!

To purchase go here

Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics are the images that will stop people scrolling past your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!

​The graphic you use must catch the eye of the reader within three to five seconds, that's all you have.

BTRC Author Services' social media graphics are customised to your book's genre and show:

​* Your book/s in 3D

* Your sales channel i.e. 'Available at Amazon'

* Your website URL

​Graphics can be tailored to the following themes:

​* Halloween

* Christmas

* Easter

​I am always happy to accommodate your suggestions

To purchase go here

Authors Promoting Their Books

One of Facebook's most popular groups for promoting your books.

Helpful marketing advice and help from the group's admin Claire Harris-Perkins who has over 25 years marketing and promotional expertise.

To join Authors Promoting Their Books go here. Please ensure you answer the questions in full in order to be confirmed for group membership.

Look out for the December Newsletter soon!

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