Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter December 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and that your book sales over the festive season were good! Another year over and soon we'll all be welcoming in 2019 and celebrating the new year. What plans do you have for marketing and promoting your books in 2019?

Welcome New Authors

Elizabeth Walters

Liz Walters is of Jamaican heritage and was orphaned by the time she was 15 years old. She was raised by her beloved Uncle, William, affectionately called Sir Will, and his wife, May Rose. Liz spent most of her adult life between The Bronx New York and Freehold New Jersey working as a hospice nurse. For the past 14 years she has worked with a prestigious hospice agency in New Jersey comforting and providing around the clock bedside care to her dying patients. Her first book Memoirs Of A Hospice Nurse" was published on September 27, 2018 and is now available for purchase in paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Ebooks format will be released soon. Liz's book was featured on her local TV news channel, News 12 New Jersey in August 2018. Liz is also an active member in her church community.

You can listen to Elizabeth's interview on her Book Talk Radio Club author page here

Michelle Spray

Michelle Spray is an "additional needs" mom living in Connecticut with her husband and their four children. Michelle understands "bravery" not only as a mom of two children who have endured multiple surgeries, procedures, and prodding, but she is also a Scoliosis warrior. Her memoir "Growing Up with Scoliosis" became her first book on her journey as an author. Her second novella is a fictional depiction about her grandmother's journey with Alzheimer's called "Lost Memories Found Hope". Michelle is proud to supply an underlying theme of HOPE in all of her books including "Like Everyone Else", a story about overcoming differences, to teach inclusion and empathy of "additional needs" children in schools. "Brave Kayla" and "Brave Jake" are short stories about being brave at the doctor and are perfect for busy doctor's offices where blood draw is a possibility and a source of anxiety for most children.

Michelle's Book Talk Radio Club interview is scheduled for Saturday 12 January at 3.30pm (EST) You can listen live here


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Three live on air interviews each marketed and promoted to OVER 100,000 readers WORLDWIDE on social media and syndicated to:

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BTRC Author Services

BTRC Author Services offers marketing and promotional products for the busy author at reasonable prices!

12 Week Social Media Marketing Package It's not how often you post and where, so much as what you post. Social Media graphics (the image that accompanies the wording) needs to catch the eye of the reader in about 3-5 seconds and then the wording of the post has to keep the interest and encourage the reader to click on the link to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon etc). Think how much information is thrown at you on your newsfeed everyday and how much of it you automatically dismiss as you scroll through. You need to make each post count!

​Twelve weeks social media content (includes two posts per week and three customized graphics to complement the posts

Two posts per week on your:

​*Facebook author page

*Facebook personal page

*Facebook groups (book related)



​12 Week Social Media Marketing Package - $270.00

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Author Websites A customized website designed and built to show off your book/s and writing with a blog facility included

​Sample chapters shown with links to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon)

Can include top reviews

Links to your social media platforms

​First page (Home page) $99.00

Every page thereafter $70.00

Domain name or domain transfer quotable For more information and to purchase, go here

Facebook Header Video Attract your readers to your Facebook Author page with a header video! It will ensure your page is 'sticky' meaning it will keep your page visitors for longer reading your posts and engaging with them. Your header video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre.

A Header Video for your author Facebook page takes the place of the header image and will help to create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by spotlighting your book/s in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover.

​To design and produce a Facebook Header Video $99.00

To purchase, go here

Book Trailers Attract your readers with a book trailer video!

Your video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre.

​Book trailers are a brilliant way to bring books to life and often encourage readers to purchase a book they might not usually choose. Your book trailer will be customized with a soundtrack that compliments your book and it's genre. Featuring your book's front cover, excerpts from your book, reviews and your author website and/or sales channel (i.e. Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc) You can be certain that your book trailer will be totally customized for you - no templates used here!

​To design and produce a Book Trailer Video $99.00

To purchase go here

Social Media Graphics Social media graphics are the images that will stop people scrolling past your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!

​The graphic you use must catch the eye of the reader within three to five seconds, that's all you have.

​BTRC Author Services' social media graphics are customised to your book's genre and show:

​* Your book/s in 3D

* Your sales channel i.e. 'Available at Amazon'

* Your website URL

​To design and customize a Social Media Graphic $35.00 each or $60.00 for two. To purchase go here

Skype Marketing Consultation Unsure about where to market, what to market and how to market your books? Book a 30 minute Skype consultation with Claire Perkins to discuss your options. Claire has over 25 years experience of marketing and promotions behind her and will point you in the right direction and methods for marketing your hard work. You will receive a follow up email with suggestions made and points discussed.

Skype consultation $45.00

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These are the most popular services for authors - we also offer the Platinum Book Marketing Package, Book Blurbs and Author Bios

If you have any questions about any of the above services, please email

Authors Promoting Their Books (Facebook Group)

Come and join other authors at our popular and successful Facebook group Authors Promoting Their Books.

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You can join Authors Promoting Their Books here, just make sure you answer the questions upon requesting membership!

Thank you!

Have a happy, peaceful, successful, prosperous and healthy 2019 and thank you for your custom and support in 2018

Claire Perkins

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