Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter October 2018

October 28, 2018


Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club's October Newsletter

It's been a beautiful Autumn here in the UK and now I'm looking forward to the next two crazy months! November is the month for the Book Talk Radio Club Awards as well of course Black Friday (you'll be able to save over $750 on both Book Talk Radio Club and BTRC Author Services products!) And then of course December with the run up to the holidays. I've had great fun designing and producing the first Book Talk Radio Club Christmas Video, you'll see it further below in the newsletter : )


Welcome New Authors


Keri De Deo

Welcome back to Book Talk Radio Club Keri De Deo!

Keri De Deo, owner of Witty Owl Consulting and author of Nothing But a Song, lives in northern Arizona and works as a writing coach, editor, researcher, and instructional designer. Although born in Arizona, Keri traveled extensively across the United States, living in places such as Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. She ended up attending a different high school every year: Arizona, Sweden, and Nebraska. As an exchange student in Sweden during her junior year, she learned to value language, education, and diversity. These interests have carried her through her career as an English instructor for both native and non-native English speakers. Keri also values education and earned a BA from the University of Arizona, an MA from the University of Wyoming