Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter September 2018

Welcome to Autumn/Fall!

September's been a busy month at Book Talk Radio Club. I announced the finalists (in genres) LIVE for Book Talk Radio Club's 2018 Awards. Congratulations to the finalists! The winners of Best in each genre plus of course the coveted Book of The Year will be announced at the Book Talk Radio Club Awards on Sunday 11 November on Authors Promoting Their Books FB group

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New Book Talk Radio Club Authors

Christopher Felton is a prolific public speaker, dynamic writer, and competent educator who has expansively taught about world religions, Eastern philosophies, and Humanism. Christopher is hyper-creative and is best known for his extraordinary writing abilities, as he is able to transfer thoughts and reality onto paper.

The author of three debut books, "Cipher's Den", "Re-Member Yourself", and "The Fervent Exchange" had been featured in 'Her Times' magazine, which quickly revealed that his books and articles are embraced by readers of varied backgrounds. His articles have been broadcast by a prison administrator as 'inspirational,' his second book was reviewed by a clinical therapist as 'working great for her patients,' and a celebrity figure sent him a letter of commendation and admiration for his 'exceptional writing and thinking skills.'

Christopher is a former Maryland State Trooper who was an expert sharpshooter. He was certified in pressure points tactics, control tactics, and defensive tactics.

The renowned writer and public speaker is best known for utilizing his extraordinary and hyper-creative technique to captivate his readers, and summoning complete attention from the audience during his public speeches. He is a writer who bleeds his passion and breathes his truth. He is a multi-talented personality who believes in projecting optimum effort in everything he does.

However, with all of Christopher's achievements, what he treasures most are the sentiments and tributes he has received from family, friends and colleagues - with the most notable being an essay written about him by his youngest son.

Christopher's Book Talk Radio Club interview is scheduled for 24 November 10.00am (EST)

If you'd like to join Book Talk Radio Club and have your live on air interview marketed to over 100,000 readers on social media and syndicated to iTunes, Sotify, Amazon Alexa and iHeart Radio go here

Book Talk Radio Club 2018 Awards Finalists

Here are the finalists in each CATEGORY.....

Best in Children's Books: Trisha J Kelly - Author for Discovering Witchetty Waters Helen Pryke Domi for Dreamland Cristee Cook for Your Hands Can Change The World Andrew Klein for Oliver Phenomena & The Little Bigfoot

Best in Mysteries: Harry A Harry A. Milman for A Death At Camp David DL Dennis L Havlin for The Bait Man Cheryl Russell for Murderous Feet

Best in Thrillers: Virginia Henderson for Welcome to Ludicrous Roger Bray for Blood Ribbon Gurpreet Sidhu for Storm Jeanine Kitchel for Wheels Up Kim Cresswell for Deadly Shadow

Best in Fantasy: Samantha Fidler-Newby for The Thornless Rose Wendy Anderson for Redemption of The Fallen Jessica & Keith Jessica Flaherty for Always Darkest TL Clark for Love Bites

Best in Romance: Tabetha Waite for When a Duke Pursues A Lady Tanya Williams for Becoming Mrs Smith Carol Hibbs for Forever Ends Erin Thornton for Disaster in Love Diane Shute for Midnight Crossing

Best in Memoirs: Cathy Higgins Weir for I'll See You Later Annette Swann for Burnt Face Cathy Brooks for Not My Story To Tell Mike Savage for A Prisoner's Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind Lisa Orban for It'll Feel Better When It Stops Hurting

Best in Parenting/Special Needs: April Lisbon-Peoples for Austism in April Lisa Ashlock for Am I Awake Yet

Best in Science Fiction: Harry A. Milman for Soyuz: The Final Flight Robert J Emery (Pen name is R.J. Eastwood) for The Autopsy of Planet Earth Richard Debenham (Pen name Richie De-Benham) for Counterweight Maneuver

Best in Self-Help/Inspirational: Kevin Eastman for Don't Gamble on Life Improvement Toni Cadle Dowrey for Finding You & Your Direction Gina Gardiner for Thriving Not Surviving

Best in Young Adult Fiction: Cynthia Collins for The Unicorn Tree Evadeen Brickwood for The Speaking Stone of Caradoc Keri Bjorklund De Deo for Nothing But A Song

Best in Crime: Aaron Gallagher: The Mercer Street Murder Jill Amy Rosenblatt for The Fixer- The Naked Man Ed Stone/Austin Stone for Missing, Murder Suspected

Congratulations and well done to all finalists. The winners of Best in each genre plus of course the coveted Book of The year will be announced at the Book Talk Radio Club Awards on Sunday 11 November, watch out for times to be announced in Authors Promoting Their Books.

Look for October's newsletter soon!

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