Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter July 2018

Welcome new authors to Book Talk Radio Club!

From Crime Thrillers to Historical Fiction, from Mysteries to YA Fiction from Self-Help to Fantasy, these authors are a talented bunch! Find out more about them below and when to listen in for their Book Talk Radio Club interviews.

Samantha Fidler-Newby

While growing up in a small city, Samantha learned how to escape the harsh words and treatment from her classmates at an early age. She dove into worlds that allowed her to find people she could understand and who would be kind to her. As she grew older, she found her passion for reading moving into a love for writing. She now considers herself a wordsmith who loves to create places for her characters to live outside of her imagination.

After finishing her Master in Applied Arts in Technical Communications at Missouri Western State University, she was hired as an English Instructor for North Central Missouri College in her hometown. WIth a thirst for knowledge, Samantha also completed a B.A. in Communication emphasis Journalism (Truman State University) and a Masters in English (Northwest Missouri State University). You can say she is a glutton for school work.

When Samantha is not working or writing, she loves to cross-stitch, rehab and re-purpose furniture, and go antiquing with her husband.

Samantha's interview is scheduled for 22 September at 2.30pm (CST)

Ed Stone Born Edmund Austin Stone at Abergavenny in the UK, Ed's family moved to Malvern where until age 16 he was educated at Chase Secondary Modern School. After which he went to work initially at the Morgan Motor Car factory and then went on to working in the UK electrical industry. In 1968 Ed married his wife Valerie and in 1974 emigrated to Canada with her and their two children. Ed and his family lived in Abbotsford for twenty years and he worked in the BC electrical industry until forming his own company, Compu-Power Controls Inc. in 1988. Ed sold his company in 1996 and moved to Chilliwack. Since then he has had his own business, until semi-retiring in 2013​In 2014, upon finding an old-unpublished manuscript of his father's from circa 1974, Ed decided to get the book in print, as a memorial to his father's memory.

Ed's interview is scheduled for 06 October at 1.00pm (PST)

Kevin Eastman

Oakland, California native Kevin Eastman thrives on simplicity and logic. A skilled public speaker, mentor, and community activist with a “tell it like it is” mentality, he shoots straight from the hip when assisting people with personal development. His mission is to assist as many people as possible with overcoming the obstacles they face, no matter how minor or major they are.

Kevin proudly wore the uniform of the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years on active duty, working at locations around the world in multiple capacities, including stints as a military training instructor (commonly known as a "drill instructor"), and as a recruiter at the high school, college, and post-graduate levels. Kevin has earned educational degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and Columbia Southern University respectively, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree through Azusa Pacific University. He also holds certifications in Marketing, Professional Selling Skills, and Sales Coaching.

​Married and now residing in Southern California, Kevin enjoys being involved with community development and improvement efforts, as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, sports, traveling, listening to music, writing, cooking, meeting people, and spending time with family and friends.

Kevin's interview is scheduled for 08 September at 12.15pm (PST)

John Delery

"Like my character, Sandalrella, I am a nerd who loves words, my favorite playthings. In a previous professional life, I wrote feature stories for newspapers (ancient, portable, foldable word-storage devices] on a computer the size of a mini refrigerator. I still have a seat reserved for me at the (older) kids' table every Thanksgiving because I don't act my age and I speak kids' lingo fluently. Sandalrella: Perceptions of a Teenage Famepire is my third book and first YA novel, novella, novelette, whatevs."

John's interview is scheduled for 15 September at 10.00am (EST)

DL Havlin

DL Havlin is an eclectic author whose novels, novellas, and short stories mirror his rich, varied background. He has packed three lifetimes of experiences into one brim full existence. An avid lover of the outdoors and sports enthusiast, his passion for fishing, hunting and camping are frequently included in his writing. A deep love for nature and especially wild Florida often furnish settings for his work, but his travels make places such as Kiev, Singapore, London, New York Modena, or Saxonhausen backgrounds for his stories as well. His unique combination of a vivid imagination and his ability to weave intricate plot lines, seasoned by his life-time exposure to fascinating story possibilities and his knowledge of human nature, provides the heart-felt, enjoyable reading his novels provide. He answers, “Why do you write?” by saying, “To entertain-that’s first, but to provoke thought is a close second. I firmly believe both are done through the heart, for the mind is seldom opened until it is emotionally conditioned to respond.”

DL Havlin's interview is scheduled for 01 September at 10.30am (EST)

Jeanine Kitchel

Jeanine Kitchel writes about Mexico, the Maya and the Yucatán. She and her husband began traveling to the Yucatán Peninsula in the early 1980s. What started as lazy beach vacations soon turned into land hunting expeditions fueled by the dream of dropping out and escaping their hectic nine to five jobs in San Francisco. In 1989 they bought land in Puerto Morelos, a fishing village south of Cancun, where they broke ground for their house. In 1997 they left California behind and drove to Mexico with Max, their cat. Shorty after setting in they opened Alma Libre Libros, one of seven bookstores in the state. By this time Kitchel had become a serious Mayaphile. Her love of the Maya culture led them to pyramid sites throughout Mexico and Central America. Soon, at the request of a publisher friend, she began writing travel articles about her adopted homeland. Her travel memoir, Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya and Maya 2012 Revealed: Demystifying the Prophecy are available on Amazon. She recently branched into fiction and her debut novel, Wheels Up—A Novel of Drugs, Cartels and Survival, launched May 2018.

Jeanine's interview is scheduled for 25 August at 12.30m (PST)

Book Talk Radio Club Awards 2018

This summer I'm busy reading the submissions for Book Talk Club Awards 2018 What great books, it's going to be a hard choice!

If you would like to submit your book for consideration into the genres below, send an email to with a PDF of your book, it's genre and a brief synopsis - submissions close 12 August and nominees will be announced on 09 September.

The Genres:

Childrens Fantasy Crime Memoirs Mysteries Non-Fiction Parenting Romance Science Fiction Self-Help Thrillers Young Adult


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Look out for August's Book Talk Radio Club newsletter soon.

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