Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter July 2018

July 29, 2018

Welcome new authors to Book Talk Radio Club!

From Crime Thrillers to Historical Fiction, from Mysteries to YA Fiction from Self-Help to Fantasy, these authors are a talented bunch! Find out more about them below and when to listen in for their Book Talk Radio Club interviews.



Samantha Fidler-Newby

While growing up in a small city, Samantha learned how to escape the harsh words and treatment from her classmates at an early age. She dove into worlds that allowed her to find people she could understand and who would be kind to her. As she grew older, she found her passion for reading moving into a love for writing. She now considers herself a wordsmith who loves to create places for her characters to live outside of her imagination. 

After finishing her Master in Applied Arts in Technical Communications at Missouri Western State University, she was hired as an English Instructor for North Central Missouri College in her hometown. WIth a thirst for knowledge, Samantha also completed a B.A. in Communication emphasis Journalism (Truman State University) and a Masters in English (Northwest Missouri State University). You can say she is a glutton for school work.