Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter May 2018

Diane Shute

Diane Shute is from Salinas, California, where the town's most famous local son, John Steinbeck, is still a household name. She moved to Washington state for college before returning to California for a career in finance. After retiring, she returned home to Salinas with her furry family of rescued animals to work on the third and final book of the Midnight Trilogy. When not writing, she enjoys walking or playing with her two dogs, and puttering in the rose garden.

Diane's Book Talk Radio Club interview is scheduled for 16 June 1.00pm (PST)

Richie De-Benham

Richie lives in Essex, UK. His debut novel Counterweight Maneuver, a Sci-Fi thriller is due to be published June 2018

Richie's Book Talk Radio Club is due to be scheduled for July.

Diane Metzger

"My name is Diane Metzger and I’ve always loved to write but could never get myself to settle down and tackle writing a book. About 15 years ago I started doing genealogy on my father’s side of the family, which had the surname ‘Smith’. I ended up finding way more information than I had intended. What caught my interest the most was the fact that my great-grandfather fought in the Civil War for the NY 157th Infantry. During the war, his daughter had married and moved to a small village in Michigan. Once he was discharged, he went back to N.Y. and Vermont to visit family and then moved to a small village in Michigan called Clarendon.

After he married, he moved to another tiny village a few miles away and that is the village that I’ve focused my story on. The first book of my series starts out the last month of the Civil War and you will get to know many of the soldiers who are coming back to Willow Bend."

T.L. Clark

TL Clark is a British author who stumbles through life as if it were a gauntlet of catastrophes. Rather than playing the victim she uses these unfortunate events to fuel her passion for writing, for reaching out to help others. She writes about different kinds of love in the hope that she‘ll uncover its mysteries. Her loving husband (and very spoiled cat) have proven to her that true love really does exist. Writing has shown her that coffee may well be the source of life.

JR Reed

"Born in Nebraska and raised in California from the age of three, I’ve been a freelance writer for over twenty years. My work has appeared in more than thirty different magazines, a dozen newspapers, scores of websites and a handful of “How Did We Do today?” Comment cards.

Raised in a time before research and diagnosis of high functioning autism, I grew up hearing words and phrases such as weird, odd, stupid, dumb, idiot, lazy, not living up to potential and other phrases too colorful to list here. These insults were hurled by teachers, classmates, peers, coaches and eventually employers. My self-esteem in the toilet all my life from all the negativity, I was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s/high-functioning autism at the age of forty-six as well as ADD in my early twenties.

Though technically defined as a disability, I believe that autism is simply a different way of viewing and relating to life and want to educate those that don’t understand what we go through on a daily basis."

Book Talk Radio Club 2018 Awards

Submissions being accepted

Book Talk Radio Club's 2018 Awards will be announced in November this year.

At present I am accepting submissions for nomination consideration up to 01 August 2018. If you would like to submit your book, please email me at with a PDF of your book, it's genre and a brief description. If your book is an audio book, send me the MP3 file instead of the PDF.

Last year's winner of Book Talk Radio Club's Book of The Year Cindy Stone says " What a wonderful opportunity! I am grateful to be the first winner of the beautiful trophy for Book of the year. The award opened doors for me that had been closed and continues to do so. Thank you BTRC! And Claire Harris-Perkins!"

I am accepting submissions in the following genres:

Children's books (any age) Fantasy Memoirs Mystery Non-Fiction Parenting Special Needs Romance Science Fiction Self-Help/Inspirational Thrillers Young Adult

Congratulations, You've Published Your Book!

What a sense of accomplishment!

But what if no one knows anything about it? You’ll lose out on recognition for your hard work and recognition leads to sales.

​Recognition takes time and patience. Yes we all want instant success but it takes consistent, hard work to market and promote your book/s. There are millions of authors all clamouring for attention and recognition is not going to happen within a few weeks. Readers want to get to know the writer behind the books and the relationships that Book Talk Radio Club has built over time ensures that whenever we market and promote a book, readers sit up and take notice. We have the time and patience to consistently market and promote for you as that's our speciality.

Book Talk Radio Club offers authors a choice of three tiers of membership, three, six and twelve months during which you receive live on air interviews that are marketed and promoted to: * Over 100,000 readers on social media

* Syndicated to iTunes, Amazon Alexa devices, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud and Spotify.

​You'll also get your own dedicated Book Talk Radio Club author page so any links that we use in our posts and marketing for you will be directed to your author page which features:

*Your books and the places where readers purchase them

*Your social media platform links so they can connect with you

* Podcasts of your live on air interviews

* Your bio and your image.

Membership prices are as follows:

THREE Months $75.00 (One interview)

SIX Months $150.00 (Two interviews)

TWELVE Months $250.00 (Three interviews)

To compare all three memberships and/or purchase, please go to the membership page here

You can also read the wonderful reviews we're receiving from our authors here

We're happy to welcome authors worldwide!

Come and join Book Talk Radio Club's official Facebook group Authors Promoting Their Books.

You can promote your book 24/7 as much as you like! There are competitions, 'Follow Parties' for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram too so if you're looking for some more likes and follows on your social media accounts, pop over to Authors Promoting Their Books and request to join here

Look out for Book Talk Radio Club's next newsletter in June. Have a good month : )

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