Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter February 2018

Happy Birthday Book Talk Radio Club!

I can't believe it's been a year since I launched Book Talk Radio Club on the 01st March 2017 Thank you times a million to all the wonderful authors that took a chance on me and let me interview them about their books and then promote them on social media.

Why did I decide to launch a radio station and a literary marketing agency? As a self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to get your name out there. I was let down very badly by a national radio station that should have known know better and cancelled my on air interview to an audience of thousands at the very last minute because "someone important is coming into the studio". I thought to myself 'if they can treat one indie author like that, they'll do the same to others', so rather than stay angry and upset, I set up my own internet radio station for other 'indie' authors - kind of like talk radio but 'Book Talk Radio'!

I have over 25 years marketing and promotions experience and whilst I can't promise you sales (run like the wind if someone does!) I can promise you a huge amount of exposure of your books and your author brand; this remains true a year later.

Book Talk Radio Club welcomes new members...

Roger Bray

I have always loved writing; putting words onto a page and bringing characters to life. My life to date is what compels me to seek a just outcome, the good will overcome and the bad will be punished. More though, I tend to see my characters as everyday people in extraordinary circumstances, but in which we may all find our selves if the planets align wrongly or for whatever reason you might consider.

My life has been an endless adventure. Serving in the Navy, fighting in wars, serving as a Police officer and the experiences each one of those have brought have all drawn me to this point, but it was a downside to my police service that was the catalyst for my writing. Medically retired after being seriously injured while protecting a woman in a domestic violence situation I then experienced the other side of life. Depression and rejection. Giving truth to the oft said saying that when one door closes another opens I pulled myself up and enrolled in college gaining bachelor and master degrees, for my own development rather than any professional need. The process of learning, of getting words down onto the page again relit my passion for writing in a way that I hadn’t felt since high school.

So here we are, two books published and another on track. Where it will take me I have no idea but I am going to enjoy getting there and if my writing can bring some small pleasure into people’s lives along the way, then I consider that I will have succeeded in life.

Eugenia Chu

Eugenia Chu is an attorney, turned stay-at-home mom, turned writer. She is a first generation Chinese-American citizen and lives in Miami Beach with her husband and son, Brandon, who is the inspiration for her stories. When Brandon was very little, the author couldn’t find children’s storybooks to read to him which touched upon Chinese culture and which included some Chinese (Mandarin) words to teach and/or reinforce his Chinese vocabulary, so she started writing her own.

Thank you Book Talk Radio Club authors!

Listen to their interviews here

Book Talk Radio Club's 12 Month Author Membership

You’ve published your book congratulations! What a sense of accomplishment.

But what if no one knows anything about it? You’ll lose out on recognition for your hard work and recognition leads to sales.

Recognition takes time and patience. Yes we all want instant success but it takes consistent, hard work to market and promote your book/s. There are millions of authors all clamouring for attention and recognition is not going to happen within a few weeks. Readers want to get to know the writer behind the books and the relationships that Book Talk Radio Club has built over time ensures that whenever we market and promote a book, readers sit up and take notice. We have the time and patience to consistently market and promote for you as that's our speciality!

Book Talk Radio Club offers authors a twelve month long membership during which you receive THREE live on air interviews that are marketed and promoted to:

  • Over 100,000 readers on social media

Syndicated to

iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Overcast and Amazon Alexa

You'll also get your own dedicated Book Talk Radio Club author page so any links that we use in our posts and marketing for you will be directed to your author page which features:

  • ​Your books and the places where readers can purchase them

  • Your social media platform links so they can connect with you

  • Podcasts of your live on air interviews

  • Your bio and your image

12 Month Membership is $250.00

​To purchase, go here and get the recognition you deserve!

Happy to welcome authors from all over the world

Join Authors Promoting Their Books

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Book Talk Radio Club March Newsletter will be out soon - keep an eye out!

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