Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter January 2017

Here's to a successful 2018

OK, well it's nearly the end of January but oh my goodness what a month it's been at Book Talk Radio Club. I've launched a new website for my beloved fellow indie authors offering social media graphics, author websites, social media postings and three fabulous VIP packages that takes every bit off marketing off their shoulders! More on that later in the newsletter but if you can't wait, you can have a look at BTRC Author Services. Prices start at a so very reasonable $15.00 for one social media graphic. I'm thrilled to say I've welcomed seven more authors to Book Talk Radio Club since December's newsletter and without further ado, let's meet them......

Book Talk Radio Club welcomes new members

Cathy Lynn Brooks

Cathy Lynn Brooks is a wife, mother, and grandmother from Ontario, Canada. Brooks wrote Not My Story to Tell to honor her late daughter, Justine. She hopes her work can provide comfort to families in similar situations.

Cathy also spent forty years working with special-needs children and young adults. Her experiences gave her new insights into the problems her own family faced.

Ferishta Ganga

Ferishta Ganga is the author of The Rebels.

An avid reader of the YA genre books, she decided to write one of her own stories. A sucker for romance, she loves to add some tension to her stories in order to pull her readers deeper in her tales and keep them in until the book has ended.

Ferishta lives in France with her husband and two children. When not writing, she can be found surfing the net and ordering more books to add to her TBR shelf.

Barbara James

Barbara James an an avid romance reader and a former academic writer who became inspired to write her own novels. And what an amazing journey it has been!

Barbara writes 'Sweet & Sensuous' Romances

Andrew (Andy) Klein

Andy Klein is still fairly new to writing children's books. Born in New York, and raised in California, he is a graduate from San Diego State University. He holds a Master's degree in Psychology, and has traveled the world extensively. A former teacher, he taught children in Japan, Taiwan and in the States as well. He now lives north of Atlanta with his family.

Andrew is the author of a travel journal and two children's books.

Annette Swann

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Annette tells the struggle of surviving severe third degree burn injuries at the tender age of 9, as the result of one irresponsible adult’s actions at a Christmas BBQ. Annette shares the last days of her ‘normal’ childhood before her life changed; it tells her story in great detail of the day she was scarred for life. Burnt Face is an emotionally moving story about the profound impact the horrific scars made to her childhood and follows her struggle into adolescence. It is a story of friendships, overcoming bullying and growing into a strong and rebellious teen in the notorious suburb of Broadmeadows, known for boisterous youth and gangs during the 70s and 80s. Follow Annette‘s torment of not being like other girls, to how one kiss on New Year’s Eve would change her world. This is the story of growing up with a Burnt Face.

Catina Willis

Proud mother, real estate leader, and coach. I’m the woman who challenges those around her to go to the next level. My real estate career started in 1997 and my performance and production demonstrate that I aim high and am determined to help others grow. Throughout my career, I’ve coached dozens of new and seasoned real estate professionals. Also, I’ve started multiple real estate investment companies, and consistently improved my expertise. Currently, I’m Associate Broker at Keller Williams Realty in Plymouth, MI, and proudly serve on the Agent Leadership Council.

​As the owner of Rose Properties Detroit (a property management and investment firm in Detroit). My passion, enthusiasm, and expertise make me so much more than a real estate broker. I support investors from all over the world, providing strategic plans and helping them to acquire and sell hundreds of properties. My real estate investment journey started in 2001. I’ve personally bought and flipped 26 properties in Detroit, MI. My philosophy: Learning is a continuous, lifelong experience.

Catina is the author of Next Level Coaching for Real Estate Professionals

James Wise

James M. Wise was born in San Diego, California, and he holds a Ph.D. in geology. He has written nine books, including guide books, a geology book, a science fiction book, a travel memoir, and novels. He recently published “GeoPuns” cartoon book where he uses basic geology terminology for a visual pun. His latest short fiction book called “Cuzco Gold” is an example of observing the details in Andean life.

James M. Wise is presently developing the 100 Series photography books, featuring collections focused on different cities and countries in the world. Completed to date are Peru 100, Chile 100, and Santiago 100. Jim and his wife published a coffee table book Doors of South America that has a compilation of 300 wooden doors pictures from nine different countries. Example photo galleries are on his website

Jim is co-founder of the blog where he shares short articles in travel, geology, and different topics that show his passion for South America.

BTRC Author Services

BTRC Author Services was just launched this month and offers social media graphics, header images for Facebook and Twitter author pages, professionally composed author bios and book blurbs, a 30 minute marketing consultation via Skype and more. for the busy or clueless (or both!) there are the three VIP packages that take every part of the marketing process off the beleaguered indie author! From posting interesting content for social media to designing an impressive author website and more. Prices start from $15.00 for one social media graphic. VIP packages start at $2500 for three months. Visit Gallery of Work Completed to view some of the work currently finished for authors, Reviews for author feedback of the services and to purchase any of the services including the VIP packages go to Services.

Below are just three of the recent reviews received.

Marketing Surgery

I’d like to tell you about a new group feature for 2018 – The Marketing Surgery. This will occur every Monday and you can ask me any question as long as it is to do with the marketing and promotion of your books. The first marketing surgery is tomorrow the 29 January. Just click here, sign up and go and start asking your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them : )

Who is Claire Harris-Perkins?

Claire H Perkins lives in St Albans, UK with her beloved husband Melville and Henry, a much adored Cocker Spaniel. She has over 25 years of marketing and promotions experience and is an indie author of Self-Help and Inspirational books.

​She enjoys walking along the many pretty nature trails, among the trees and by the lakes with Melville and Henry but has a longing to live somewhere that has a wonderful view of the sea which would be far more inspirational than her next door neighbour's ever full washing line!

Claire spent many years in the travel business in particular writing about her experiences of ranch holidays and adventures in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain states for the family business. Her favourite place and adventure of all time was whitewater rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, she readily admits she could bore for hours on the subject.

Claire is the owner and inspiration behind Book Talk Radio Club, BTRC Author Services and the highly popular and successful Facebook group Authors Promoting Their Books

Look out for February's Newsletter coming soon : )

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