Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter October 2017

Hi Book Lovers,

I hope you had a busy and productive Autumn/Fall.

I'm proud to be presenting the first ever Book Talk Radio Club Awards live on Facebook on the 12 November, you can join in the fun and find out who wins Book Talk Radio Club's Book of the Year. Visit Book Talk Radio Club's website to see the nominees and for the link to the live event here

A quick thank you to all those lovely authors that have taken time to give feedback and reviews, it is much appreciated. You can read some of them here and here.

Since September's newsletter, I have welcomed more talented authors to Book Talk Radio Club and you can find out more about them, listen to their interviews, read about their books and the genres in which they write below.

Here's to a highly successful November for indie authors everywhere and of course Book Talk Radio Club.

Book Talk Radio Club's new members....

Gabriella's current publication Hallow Evening is a fun book about Halloween. It begins with a poem. Followed by two short stories. The first story is about a mother relating her tales to her son about Halloween. He asks questions that bring a smile. Especially when it comes to a spirit. The second story takes you on a parade of children. Also ghosts, witches and fairies. With a wishful happy ending. There are photographs and illustrations that compliment the book. A wonderful book to bring out every Halloween to enjoy at any age.

You can listen to Gabriella's interview here

Kiyoshi's current publication The Highway of Life is firmly in the Self-Help genre. 'Are you stuck with a flat tire on a road to nowhere that seems to stretch on and on without any help in sight? Do you want to transform, restructure, eliminate negative influences and be the person you have always wanted to be?

The Highway Of Life is not just another book, it is your personal coach and friend that will help in motivating you to be the best that you can be, within the given constraints of life. This book will teach you how to stop thinking like a victim and develop self-motivation that will catapult you from zero to hero in a span of few weeks. Find your direction in life, your calling and set goals that are achievable.'

Kiyoshi Terrell Fish's Book Talk Radio Club interview is scheduled for Friday 03 November 2017 at 12.00pm (MST) You can listen live at

As a Scotland Yard investigator, David Videcette has worked on a wealth of infamous cases. He's chased down numerous dangerous criminals, placed bugs on scores of vehicles, searched hundreds of properties, and interviewed thousands of witnesses.

David is the author of The Theseus Paradox and The Detriment – The bestselling DI Jake Flannagan series based on real events: “I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story…”™

With twenty years' policing experience, including counter-terror operations and organised crime, David was a lead investigator on the July 2005 London bombings. He is the holder of several police commendations including one for tracking down a 7/7 bomb factory. David is a regular commentator for international news and media outlets such as the BBC, NBC, ITV, Sky, The Wall Street Journal, Telegraph newspapers, Newsweek, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The New York Times and The Independent. He also blogs about crime, policing and terrorism - and about writing and publishing.

You can listen to David's interview here

You can join in the fun here Times are as follows:

4.00pm (EST)

3.00pm (CST)

2.00pm (MST)

1.00pm (PST)

8.00pm (UK)

Come and join in if you are an indie author. Promote your books 24/7 along with an image and link to your sales channel. Plenty of support and marketing advice.

Book Talk Radio Club's next newsletter will be available end November. Please feel free to share with one and all!

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