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Hi Book Lovers

I hope you had a wonderful summer. I'm pleased to report that Book Talk Radio Club is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more readers and authors alike are hearing about the interviews and marketing services via our website and social media platforms and of course our Facebook group Authors Promoting Their Books.

A quick thank you to all those lovely authors that have taken time to give feedback and reviews, it is much appreciated. You can read some of them here and here.

Since August's newsletter, I have welcomed more talented indie authors to Book Talk Radio Club and you can find out more about them, listen to their interviews, read about their books and the genres in which they write below.

Here's to a highly successful Autumn/Winter for indie authors everywhere and of course Book Talk Radio Club.

Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club!

Erin Thornton - Dangerous After Dark

Erin Thornton for the past 13 years has been a mom first. Now with six kids, she felt like she’d lost her own identity. She no longer had a first name and was always someone’s mom or her husband’s wife. It became very discouraging.

Erin has been telling stories since she was a kid. Her mom always told her to write her stories down, but she just rolled her eyes and moved on. As an adult, instead of reading a book for a bedtime story or on a long drive she would tell a made-up story to her kids. Keeping them sometimes captivated for hours. Some of them were amazing works of fiction and fantasy. Others were awful, and her kids still remember their insanity to this day. She wasn’t afraid to take the stories to their most abstract point just to get a laugh from her kids.

Instead of letting her identity crisis overtake her, last summer Erin decided to write a novel. A story that was for her, not for her kids.

With her days spent on 100 acres with chickens and kids that act like the chickens most days, Erin writes whenever she can get a spare moment. Between musical practices, sports, and just plain mom life to distract her she tries to get in her words for the day with Disney Princess movies in the background or while her youngest naps.

Dr April Lisbon - Stretched Thin

Born in New York but raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, April J. Lisbon, Ed.D. has worked tirelessly to advocate for the needs of children. Her passion for children began when she was a teenager working at a local orphanage, which then led to her initial journey as an educator at The Florida State University. Dr. Lisbon is an active public education school psychologist and mentor to new teachers. She continues to hone her skills as a special education consultant, motivational speaker, life coach and social justice advocate for individuals with disabilities. When not trying to save the world, Dr. Lisbon enjoys spending quality time with her children, reading detective novels, travelling, and cooking.

Barbara James - Starting Over

Barbara James is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. An avid romance reader and a former academic writer, she became inspired to write her own novels. And what an amazing adventure it has been!"

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Cindy Stone - Scorpion - Fantasy/Contemporary Fiction

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Susanna Beard - Dare To Remember (Psychological Drama)

Keith Hirshland - Big Flies (Contemporary Fiction & Memoir)

Sue Ziang - Young Mind Young Body (Self-Help)

Guy Singer - Starboy (Contemporary Fiction)

Lynda Filler - Target In The Sun (Thrillers, Poetry & Memoir)

Cheryl Meyer - It Feels Good To Feel Good - (Self-Help)

Chris O'Malley - Dancing With Annie - Memoir

Richard Wall - Fat Man Blues (Contemporary Fiction)

Book Talk Radio Club 2017 Awards

Awards nominations Sunday Oct 01 LIVE on Authors Promoting Their Books(Facebook group) Times are as follows:

3.00pm (EST)

2.00pm (CST)

1.00pm (MST)

12.00pm (PST)

8.00pm (UK)

Awards night Sunday 12 November

Authors Promoting Their Books - Facebook Group

Come and join in if you are an indie author. Promote your books 24/7 along with an image and link to your sales channel. Plenty of support and 'Marketing Mondays' Q&A for marketing and promotion for your books/author brand.

Book Talk Radio Club's next newsletter will be available mid-October. Please feel free to share with one and all!

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