Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter August 2017

Hi Book Lover!

I hope you're enjoying your summer so far. I'm pleased to report that Book Talk Radio Club is growing. More and more readers and authors alike are hearing about the interviews and marketing services via our website and social media platforms and of course our Facebook group Authors Promoting Their Books.

A quick thank you to all those lovely authors that have taken time to give feedback and reviews, it is much appreciated. You can read some of them here and here.

Since July's newsletter, I have welcomed four more indie authors to Book Talk Radio Club and you can find out more about them, listen to their interviews, read about their books and the genres in which they write below.

Here's to a highly successful Autumn/Fall for indie authors everywhere and of course Book Talk Radio Club.

Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club....

Cheryl Meyer - It Feels Good To Feel Good Cheryl is an entrepreneur and Type A personality. For the last 20 years, she has owned a sterling silver jewelry company where she designed jewelry for major retailers. Previously, she was a General Store manager for a major department store where she managed and coached over 200 employees to be their best. Cheryl is as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, aka Cheryl M Health Muse. She is a self-published author and an anti-toxin advocate. Why did she become a health muse? To put it simply, Cheryl got sick, very sick. She had terrible pain and wasn’t finding answers. Now on the road to wellness, she wants to share what she has learned to help others. What can this health muse do for you? Cheryl will inspire you to take charge of your life and reduce your pain. She will help you find the answers you need for wellness. She wants her journey back to wellness to help you in your journey. Cheryl is a newly-wed, (at a ripe old age) and married for 2 years to her perfect match in the greater Pasadena, California area.

Chris O'Malley - Dancing With Annie Prior to the 23rd January 2014 we were like any other family. Annie and I had been married for 37 years and had 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Annie had had a career in Housing and Management and I was a Social Work Team Manager in Child Protection.

Through my work Annie and I have travelled the world, we have lived in the Falkland Islands and the Channel Islands (There must have been something about islands that draw us to these at times remote places).

Annie and I enjoyed every thing that any other couple of our age group and social standing would have enjoyed. We were financially ok, we enjoyed each others company, liked a drink and made the most of our family and friends, until the 23rd January 2014 when everything changed. It’s now time to start our new normal.

Kay Macleod - Heirs of Power

Confession time, I’m a fantasy addict! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the concept of magical worlds. I was the kid with dragons doodled around the edge of her school work, the one with her head constantly buried in a book. As a teen, I shunned partying to play Magic the Gathering and DM Dungeons and Dragons games. Through the years, I’ve always made up stories and took characters on amazing adventures, in the privacy of my own mind. Now I want to share them with other people. I live with my husband and cat in Nottinghamshire in England. When I’m not writing (or planning something I’m writing) I’m usually working, reading, playing bass for my church’s worship team, playing computer games (World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Minecraft) or drinking tea.

Angelica Marie - Journaling to Financial Freedom Angelica Maria has been helping people in the financial realm since her teen years, starting first with her father’s business, then tutoring in college, and now running her own business for over a decade in financial services. Her desire is to help people release poverty consciousness and truly gain financial freedom. It is her passion in life, and one she takes very seriously. Her book has come as an extension of that dream and desire.

Have you listened to interviews with:

Wendy Anderson - Of Demon Kind (Fantasy)

Danny Bell - Empty Threat - (Fantasy)

Lana Campbell - Dark Experiments (Paranormal Romance)

Baron Deschauer - Concentration Camps of Canada (Contemporary Fiction & Political Thrillers)

Gordon Kuhn - Predator (Dark Psychological Thrillers & Poetry)

Cindy Stone - Scorpion - Fantasy/Contemporary Fiction

Christine Roney - (Psychological Drama)

Susanna Beard - Dare To Remember (Psychological Drama)

Keith Hirshland - Big Flies (Contemporary Fiction & Memoir)

Sue Ziang - Young Mind Young Body (Self-Help)

Guy Singer - Starboy (Contemporary Fiction)

Lynda Filler - Target In The Sun (Thrillers, Poetry & Memoir)

Evadeen Brickwood - Singing Lizards (Cosy Mysteries & YA Sci-Fi)

Romeo J Ballayan - Love Struggles (Self-Help)

Claire H Perkins - The Dear God Letters (Self-Help & Inspirational)

Najwa Hirn - A Micro Preemie Named Alex (Memoir)

Janet Garber - Dream Job (Contemporary Fiction)

Joe Sabino - Corporates (Contemporary Fiction)

Webinar for Indie Authors Sunday 27 August 2017

FREE webinar for indie authors - REGISTER HERE

Please ensure you register as that is the only way to attend.

Times are as follows:

3.30pm (EST)

2.30pm (CST)

1.30pm (MST)

12.30pm (PST)

8.30pm (UK)

Come and join Authors Promoting Their Books if you are an indie author. Promote your books 24/7 along with an image and link to your sales channel. Plenty of support and 'Marketing Mondays' Q&A for marketing and promotion for your books/author brand.

Book Talk Radio Club's next newsletter will be available mid-September. Please feel free to share with one and all!

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