Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter June 2017

Hi Book Lover!

Well here we are in June and Book Talk Radio Club is growing in leaps and bounds in fact I can honestly say I am having so much fun interviewing up and coming indie authors and promoting and marketing their books that I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else now. I have been receiving some of the most wonderful reviews and praise from Book Talk Radio Club’s authors - thank you so much, it’s very rewarding and I promise that I will continue to promote your books with every drop of enthusiasm within me!

Welcome to Book Talk Radio Club:

Cindy Stone

Cindy Stone is an author, registered psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and an advanced student of Baguaquan, and the internal martial arts. Cindy is fascinated with transformational journeys, and the incredible power of the mind. Author of SCORPION book one from The Myriad Series, The Incidental Guru; Lessons in Healing from a Dog and co-screenwriter for “Expecting” directed by Debora Day. You can listen to Cindy Stone's Book Talk Radio Club interview here

Baron Deschauer

Basic training with the Canadian Reserves, entering a monastery, and sleeping on the sides of roads while hitch-hiking through Europe are just a few of the moments from the life of Baron Alexander Deschauer. In his quest to better understand the world around him, he has written a number of books exploring existence (Revelation and Faust), capital (The Art of Wealth) and the complex interplay of will, luck, fate, and hope (his six-volume Man on the Run series). His most recent book, Concentration Camps of Canada, deals with the Canadian residential schools and the impact of Canada’s forced assimilation policies on Indigenous people. Baron’s Book Talk Radio Club interview will take place on 30 June 2017 at 08.00am (GMT)

Keith Hirshland

Keith Hirshland is the son of local broadcast television pioneers and a four-decade veteran of the television industry. Shortly after the passing of both his parents, Keith was urged to commemorate their lives and tell a few stories about his own TV trials and tribulations, successes and failures, during his long and interesting career. The result was Cover Me Boys, I’m Going In (Tales of the Tube from a Broadcast Brat), a memoir replete with musings about the early days of ESPN2 and the launch of The Golf Channel, where Hirshland worked for 18 years. Hirshland realized he had been telling stories his entire life and, having enjoyed writing the first book so much, decided to try his hand at fiction. Big Flies, a mystery that uses four real-life, still unsolved, robberies as connective tissue to tell the story of a father and a son.

You can listen to Keith Hirshland's Book Talk Radio Club interview here

Ronald B Harris

Ronald Harris has had an interesting life for certain! Sent away as an evacuee at the start of WWII, he spent time being pushed from pillar to post until eventually he found himself with the Robinson's on their farm in Northamptonshire. Ron has been a London cab driver, a London tour guide and the owner of one of the most successful niche tour operators in the UK. Ranch America was his life for many years and the adventures and experiences during his time visiting the USA would be wonderful material for a second book. Ron is now retired and living in leafy Radlett, Hertfordshire with his wife Evelyn. He enjoys gardening and giving guided London tours for members of the U3A (University of the Third Age). Ron’s Book Talk Radio Club interview will take place on 25 June 2017 at 4.00pm (GMT)

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Book Talk Radio Club on Instagram

Book Talk Radio Club now has a page on Instagram. All authors have an image of their books showing on our page with a link to their Book Talk Radio Club interview or the date when the interview will take place.

You can visit Book Talk Radio Club's Instagram page here

Interviews coming up this week 24 June - 01 July:

24 June 11.00am (GMT) Louise Mullins

27 June 10.00am (GMT) Joe Sabino

30 June 08.00am (GMT) Baron Deschauer

Interviews are live and can be listened to as they happen at (make sure your device has its sound turned up!) and a recording can be heard an hour later on the author's Book Talk Radio Club page.

Have you listened to these Book Talk Radio Club author interviews?

Susanna Beard - Dare to Remember Genre: Psychological Drama

Lana Campbell - Forever and a Night and Dark Experiments Genre: Paranormal Romance

Gordon Kuhn - Predator, The Pelman Murders and more. Genre: Dark Psychological Thrillers and Poetry Guy Singer - The White Building, Starboy, The Tea Room: The Buddha's Eye and more. Genre: Contemporary Fiction Sue Ziang - Young Mind: Young Body Genre: Self-Help/Inspirational

You can hear more author interviews by visiting our A-Z of authors page here

The next Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter will be mid-July. Don’t forget to look out for it and let your book loving friends/colleagues/relatives et al know about it! They can subscribe here

Have a lovely weekend!



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