Book Talk Radio Club Newsletter - May 2017

Hi Book Lover!

I can't believe it's been three months since I launched Book Talk Radio Club - the response and positive feedback has been overwhelming, I have made some new and wonderful author friends and am having the time of my life! I started Book Talk Radio Club because as a self-published author of self-help and inspirational books, I know how hard it is to get one's name out there. I was let down very badly by a national radio station that should know better and cancelled my on air interview to an audience of thousands at the last minute. (In fact I was on the train at the time travelling to the interview) Rather than stay angry and upset, I decided to see if I can set up my own internet radio station for authors - kind of like talk radio but 'Book Talk Radio’ and give other self-published authors a voice!

Welcome new authors to Book Talk Radio Club Lana Campbell Lana is the author of Forever & A Night a paranormal romance which has been receiving some positive reviews on Amazon -'A very unique vampire story' Lana is a natural writer and her second book Dark Experiments, also a paranormal romance is due to be released this month. Lana's interview is scheduled for the 07 June. You can read more about her books here

Lynda Filler was told to 'Get her affairs in order as she would have at the best, six months to live due to an 'incurable' heart condition. That was back in 2008. 2017 Lynda is still very much alive and kicking, loving life and writing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You can Listen to her interview and find out how she defied her death sentence, her 'Eureka' moment and her other books here

Janet Garber is a retired HR professional. Her current book Dream Job: The Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager is an absolute hoot. Melie is struggling to put out many fires at Axis Mundi Medical Center whilst dealing with flaky staff, buttock-groping doctors, a murder, a parrot-woman gladiator, whilst at the same time looking for love. Listen to my interview with Janet talking about poor old Melie’s experiences, dealing with stress in an HR department and a parrot-woman gladiator! Here

Christine Roney Christine Roney's debut novel Beyond Stone is intriguing. Andie is a sculptor by day and a street artist by night. Due to grief and guilt Andie has fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. Two of her sculptures come to life to save her, but will she let them? Beyond Stone has already received some great feedback on Amazon: ***** Brilliant ***** If you love to curl up with a well written, engaging book that you just can't put down, "Beyond Stone" by Christine Roney ***** Excellent read Christine's interview is scheduled for 30 May; in the meantime you can learn more about the author here

Authors Promoting Their Books - Facebook Group Book Talk Radio Club's Facebook Group Authors Promoting Their Book is to enable authors to unashamedly promote their books every day at whatever time! The group has Free giveaways for Book Talk Radio Club author membership and a weekly 'Spotlight on the Author' feature, a chance to answer daily questions about their books, their writing style and to get to know the other members in the group. Here's the link to join

Have you heard our interviews with: Susanna Beard - Psychological Dramas Evadeen Brickwood - Young Adult Sci-Fi & Cosy Mysteries Anna Everett - Contemporary Fiction & Self-Help David H Fears - Hard Boiled PI Novels Gordon Kuhn - Dark Psychological Thrillers (both fiction and non-fiction) & Contemporary Poetry Guy Singer - Humour & Gritty Novels set in the Far East Rohini Singh - Young Adult Sci-Fi Richard Wall - Contemporary Fiction Sue Ziang - Self-Help/Inspirational Go here for A-Z-authors and search alphabetically or by genre.

Book Talk Radio Club SILVER & GOLD Author Membership Book Talk Radio Club recently launched the new GOLD Author Membership and now offers authors two yearly products; Silver Author Membership and Gold Author Membership. Both give you THREE live interviews a year and a dedicated author page with links to your sales channel, social media pages, your website and/or your blog along with your bio, a picture of you and images of your book covers with a brief synopsis of each. The Silver Author Membership allows for your books and live interviews to be promoted to over 80,000 pairs of eyes and ears through Facebook pages and specialised groups as well as Twitter, Goodreads and You Tube. The Gold Author Membership is also promoted the same way BUT the Gold Author Membership also offers syndication as well; your live interviews are heard on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast and TuneIn as podcasts for their members to stream or download giving you the self-published author an audience of literally millions of people! You can compare the two author memberships programmes here

The next Book Talk Radio Club newsletter will be mid-June. Don’t forget to look out for it and let your book loving friends/colleagues/relatives et al know about it! They can subscribe here

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