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I’m pleased to say the last month has been extremely busy here. New authors are learning about Book Talk Radio Club through our marketing and promotion efforts on social media and are signing up for membership and of course their live interviews. As more authors join Book Talk Radio Club, the choice of book genre is growing for you the reader. You can browse through our list and discover new authors, get to know them via their interviews and the inspiration behind their books. So without further ado…….

Book Talk Radio Club welcomes:

New authors:

Susanna Beard Susanna’s debut novel Dare to Remember has received critical acclaim and is already No 1 in WH Smith’s Crime/Suspense/Drama chart. You can hear Susanna’s interview on her Book Talk Radio Club page here

Gordon Kuhn Gordon writes both fiction and non-fiction in the Dark Psychological Thriller genre and is also a poet. It has been said of Gordon’s poetry “If poems were paintings, Gordon Kuhn would be a master in several schools, most notably classic and impressionistic”. Gordon is Book Talk Radio Club’s first ‘Author of The Week. You can hear Gordon’s interview on his Book Talk Radio Club page here

Sue Ziang Sue’s debut book Young Mind Young Body has been described as “The Fountain of Youth without surgery.” Sue is a pleasure to chat with and if you are looking for plenty of advice on how to stay young, vibrant and healthy as you grow older, then you need look no further! You can hear Sue’s interview on her Book Talk Radio Club page here

Guy Singer Guy’s latest novel Starboy is due for publication on the 09 May 2017 An irreverent look at Earth’s next saviour aided by the uber-camp Julian. Guy’s books are set against the background of Siem Reap in Cambodia or Phnom Penh in Thailand. Some being witty and fun, others dark and gritty about the slums and human trafficking. Guy’s interview is coming up on the 02 May and you can read all about him on his Book Talk Radio Club page here

Anna Everett Anna is the author of the highly popular Holistic Alchemist series and The Spirit of Seven books. As well as being an author, she runs a small charity rehoming dogs and has a busy life being Mum to fifteen Chihuahuas and two sons as well as looking after her husband and her ‘Geek Girl’ business. You can hear Anna’s interview on her Book Talk Radio Club page here

Christy Johnson Christy is the author of the Breathe series of novels. Part fantasy, part science fiction. She is currently working on the next book in the series. Christy’s interview will be coming soon and in the meantime you read all about her and her books on her Book Talk Radio Club page here

As new authors and their interviews are added, you will be notified via the Book Talk Radio Club's monthly newsletter.

Have you listened to our interviews with:

Evadeen Brickwood - Evadeen writes science fiction youth novels and cosy mysteries. You can hear her interview here

David H Fears - David writes Hard-Boiled' PI Mysteries set in the 1960's and 70's you can hear his interview here

Richard Wall - Richard writes Contemporary Fiction, much of which is set in America's Deep South. You can hear his interview here

Rohini Singh - Trinidad's first published female science fiction writer you can hear her interview here

Louise Mullins – Louise is an international best selling author in the Dark Psychological Thriller genre. Her novels include Beautiful Liar, What I Never Told You, The Woman in the Woods and One Night Only amongst others. Her debut novel Scream Quietly has been optioned for film rights. Louise’s interview will be coming soon and you can read all about her and her books here

Book Talk Radio Club's You Tube Channel Every author interviewed on Book Talk Radio Club also has their interview uploaded to the dedicated You Tube channel. Don't forget to subscribe! You can view that here

**New** Book Talk Radio Club's Goodreads Group If you are a member of Goodreads (which as a book lover I’m sure you are!) You can now also visit Book Talk Radio Club’s Goodreads Group here. Our authors also have their interviews uploaded too our group as well as their books on the club’s bookshelf.

If you are a self-published/Indie author or know of one that would benefit from Book Talk Radio Club's services, please feel free to visit for more info and to get in contact with me. We now have over 55K pairs of eyes looking at and hearing about Book Talk Radio Club’s authors and their books.

The next Book Talk Radio Club newsletter will be mid-May. Don’t forget to look out for it and let your book loving friends/colleagues/relatives et al know about it! They can subscribe here

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