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Roy Taylor

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Roy Taylor writes novels that either outline his observations and perceptions of people and their behavior patterns which he does very clearly in his intuitive novel ("The Power of the Persona" Do you know who you really are?) or his new venture a fiction novel "African Sunsets A Settler's Story" a book formulated from many actual experiences encountered by his family in Africa.

After leaving Kenya at it’s time of Independence from the British rule, Roy’s parents took him and his brother Paul back to England where they lived in Banbury in Oxfordshire. 

After meeting his wife and starting a family, Roy became a very successful estate agent, at one time owning an agency with his brother in the west of Cornwall. One day he got his hands on a copy of the Los Angeles Times Sunday Edition, in it was a story about a lady who had become a Realtor in LA. And had become a million dollar club member in just 6 months. Thinking that she had earned a million dollars when in reality she had sold a million dollars worth of homes, mistakenly, he could not believe it and after showing his wife the article, they were both putting plans together to go to America, They obtained their resident visa approvals and sold everything up. They arrived in Los Angeles International Airport on November 10th 1978 picked their permanent visas at the airport and the the story is for another book! 

Roy writes with enthusiasm and it is obvious in his writing his content is diversified and interesting and at times very intent, he is an author to follow.

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Interview 21 September 2022

Roy Taylor Interview 21 Sept 2022Book Talk Radio Club
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