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Romy Fuchs


Romy was born on October 25th, 1996. She was a bright girl and she excelled in many fields: drawing, photography, writing stories and poems, math, physics, chemistry, literature, history, and more.

Romy loved to read, especially in English. At the age of 6, she read the second Harry Potter book by herself in English, which is not her native language! Later she loved to read all kinds of books: philosophy, poetry and many more.

She also loved children very much, she could sit for hours patiently and talk, laugh, play, and paint with them. She volunteered for a long time with refugee children in south Tel Aviv, helping them with everything they needed from assisting them with homework to going with them to the beach. Children loved her very much and her dream was to write children's books and publish them. She also planned to lead story time book readings for children.

She loved animals and was a skilled horseback rider. She had a special connection with cats, and she adopted and treated them with compassion.
Romy passed away on October 25th, 2018 - her 22nd birthday.

When Romy died, her parents decided to donate her organs understanding and confident that this is Romy's wish, as she loved human beings no matter what was their color, race or gender. Her organs saved the lives of four people!

Romy's interview will be with her mum Orit.

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