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Bob Pierce


I was born and brought up in New England and presently make my home in northern Vermont, working out of my studio there. I’m married to my wife of nearly four decades and have three married sons and five granddaughters. We attend a small Baptist church in and equally small northern town and have a love for the quiet, simple rural life away from the intensity of cities and all that they contain (though they’re often fun to visit, however briefly).


The spark of inspiration carries me in so many directions and I’ve found that allowing myself to be carried along is imminently rewarding. This is my life, this is my passion, writing and painting have always been the greatest of priorities to me and my greatest joy.


As I go through life, I see the human experience all around me manifested in so many ways - from the rich and powerful, to the poor and helpless - all working and struggling for some of the same basic things: to be loved and respected, to be important to those they care about, and to leave something behind, a legacy. These things are widely scaled and often times even subconscious but nevertheless fairly universal and motivation for both good and evil.


I am continually aware of the world around me. My mind is always piecing together the “next” book, seeking out and making note of people and events both current and historical. The walls of my studio are papered with notes and the shelves are filled with books. Having “things” around that relate to a particular project can help bring it all to life. I love cruising antique shops, junk stores and even yard sales looking for inspirations. No book is ever completed and released without the next project already on the starting blocks. The books are typically illustrated with my own photos which help bring the story to life with visual cues.


The stories in each of my books take the long view of life, looking at it as Shakespeare once noted as “all the world is a stage and the people actors upon it.” From God’s perspective, this statement is certainly true though there is no script for this particular production, He is aware of the plot, the dialogue and on occasion (by invitation or by design) intervenes with directions both subtle and dramatic.


My books are typically set in real places and enveloped in real history. Though I hesitate to use the term, they can each be categorized as “historical fiction” of one sort or other. From the old west to rural New England to the streets of Prague, Moscow, New York and the troubles of Northern Ireland, each one is a tour of good and evil, bravery and triumph and reviews frequently repeat that they are engaging page-turners that readers just cannot walk away from.

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