Richie De-Benham

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"One of the most original and thought provoking Science Fiction stories of recent years"
"Action packed from start to finish" 
"This book is only one step away from becoming reality"
"Brilliant read"

Richard Debenham was born in Poplar in the docklands area of London and spent his childhood and early adulthood in the East End. He used to live very close to what is now known as Canary Wharf and knew the docklands long before this part of London was developed into the modern metropolis that it is today.

Richard joined the elevator industry at the age of eighteen and then over the years eventually worked his way up through a variety of different companies to become the managing director of his own successful elevator company.

It is no coincidence that Richard being an elevator engineer has written and published a Science Fiction novel that happens to involve one very special elevator. The space elevator has been extensively researched and discussed in the scientific and engineering communities for many years however up to the present time has alluded but all of the most advanced brains on the planet.

Counterweight Manuever is his debut novel and has been described by one book critic as being an action packed story that is similar to James Bond meeting Aliens.

Richard currently lives in Essex very close to Leigh on Sea and loves the area because of the variety and convenience of being so near to the beautiful and nature loving expanse of the Thames Estuary.

Richard Debenham writes under the pen name of Richie De-Benham

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Richie's Book Talk Radio Club Interview

Interview 11 August 2018

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