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Hank Williams' Cadillac
Hank Williams' Cadillac

Vince and Stu's road trip through Texas is cut short when Stu's ancient Honda breaks down in the quiet town of Rambling. Nearby is Bubba's used-car lot, containing a collection of classic American cars. Following a bizarre encounter with a talking crow, and a deal signed in blood, Stu trades in his Honda for a powder-blue 1952 Cadillac convertible. Back on the road, the two buddies continue their journey in style.

Fat Man Blues
Fat Man Blues

"Hobo John" is an English blues enthusiast on a pilgrimage to present-day Mississippi. One night in Clarksdale he meets the mysterious Fat Man, who offers him the chance to see the real blues of the 1930s. Unable to refuse this offer, Hobo John embarks on a journey through the afterlife in the company of Travellin' Man, an old blues guitarist who shows him the sights, sounds and everyday life in the Mississippi Delta.

Five Pairs of Shorts
Five Pairs of Shorts

Five Pairs of Shorts is a collection of ten stories inspired in part by the weekly prompts of a small writing group somewhere in England: Someday Finding Pops McCoy Funny Car The Red Button First Love Terry Part 1 Terry Part 2 The Kidney Punch

Evel Knievel and The Fat Elvis Diner
Evel Knievel and The Fat Elvis Diner

In this short story, an Englishman in Oklahoma is watching a storm approaching when he receives an email on his phone. As he waits for the email to download, it causes him to reflect on his childhood in 1970's England, his relationship with his father and the journey that brought him to the USA.


Richard Wall was born in England in 1962, and grew up in a small market town in rural Herefordshire before joining the Royal Navy. 

After 22 years in the submarine service and having travelled extensively, Richard now lives in Worcestershire where he works as a freelance Technical Author. Having a keen interest in writing since childhood, Richard joined Malvern Writers' Circle in 2003 and since then has had poems published in magazines and newspapers and has appeared several times at Ledbury Poetry Festival. 

His first stab at prose writing produced the short story, "Evel Knievel and The Fat Elvis Diner" (available on Kindle), followed by "Five Pairs of Shorts" a collection of ten short stories.

A self-confessed Delta Blues music anorak, Richard embarked on a pilgrimage to the USA to visit the Deep South, where a bizarre encounter in Clarksdale, Mississippi inspired him to write his début novel, Fat Man Blues. 

Completed in 2015, Fat Man Blues has attracted acclaim on Amazon, together with a surprisingly wide cross-section of readership. Fat Man Blues has also caught the attention of an independent film-maker in New York City, who is interested in adapting the novel to a movie. 

Richard blogs occasionally at

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