Paul S  Bradley

Paul S Bradley blames his Andalusian Mystery Series on ironed squid. Otherwise, he'd still be stuck in London failing at this, that, and the other. As discerning diners know, calamares a la plancha should translate as grilled squid. Then he noticed bad translations everywhere. He quit the rat race, moved to Nerja, Spain and helped the owner of this gastronomic gaff prepare his menu so that foreigners understood he was offering food, not laundry services.

During the following thirty years, this tiny translation evolved into a lifestyle magazine for the Costa del Sol, along with guidebooks and travelogues in English, German and Spanish. He's lectured about Living in Spain and bullfighting but is keen to emphasize that he never dressed in a tight, fancy suit or waved a pink cape at anyone; especially if they weighed 600 kilos and carried a sharp pair of horns. He has also appeared on local radio and TV but extremely briefly.

More recently, educated groups of posh American and Canadian Alumni have enjoyed his tour director services apart from the terrible jokes and occasional temporarily misplaced client.

Paul's books blend his unique taste of Spain with intriguing fictional mysteries.

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Darkness in Velez-Malaga Book III

Phillip, and Amanda, are helping an old friend Salome, a Flamenco dancer, unravel her birth family’s history in Vélez-Málaga. When they don’t answer his calls for several days, Prado is more than worried. In the third case of the Andalusian Mystery Series, old legends won’t fade away.