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"Echoes For Celia is a masterpiece that I found to be outstandingly interesting."

"This was an enjoyable read, with great detail and surprise twists. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series."

"Want to escape for a bit? This is the book to do it in. It transports you to a different place. Can't wait to see what the next book in the series has to offer. Im hooked."

Moeez Hatanian is a writer, blogger, and author currently residing in the UK. Born in west Asia by the Caspian Sea, Moeez interestingly is only 20% Asian, the rest of his heritage being mostly East European with a mix of Mediterranean. An animal lover, Moeez now lives in London with his kitty who keeps him company while he dabbles in his various creative outlets.

Finding time for creating has always been important to Moeez. These endeavours: listening to music, studying the stars, or learning about ancient mythology, keep him grounded and focused. Making sure he prioritizes and nurtures these passions has always been a point of pride for Moeez and is his secret to never becoming overwhelmed or trapped in a whirlwind of his own thoughts.

More than anything, since he was young, Moeez has loved to write. Whether it was penning poems, songs, or short stories he has always had a passion for words. For many years, writing was only a hobby for Moeez. Then someone special planted the seed of inspiration in him by suggesting writing could be more for Moeez. If he wrote what he felt and pursued his dreams. Though it took time, and there were many setbacks, Moeez at last began his journey. At first, he planned to write a romance novel, or a biography detailing his own adventures, but as they so often do, another idea began to take shape. What if he mixed the many popular Science Fiction tropes, and from that created something entirely unique? Attributing his intricate plot to a background in science, astronomy, cosmology, and IT Moeez began a series he describes as a genre bending utopian futuristic romantic drama.

Echoes of Celia is the first novel in his series and is set in outer space. The novel takes place in a galaxy of Moeez's own creation and centres around an Empress who must save the universe. Moeez crafted Celia's personality around the very special woman who had been the first to suggest he write a novel, and who supported him through thick and thin. Moeez wanted his book to stand for something and show what the world could be if people were more at peace. His decided his aim would be to portray a utopian future that stood as an example to humanity by teaching equality and human rights through fiction. Moeez realized he could bring these lessons and more to the table. The second book, The Rise of the Omega Empress boasts even more suspense, drama, and action. Aside from his series, which is projected to be four books long, Moeez is working on a book about himself that explores how he came from freedom to FREEDOM. The book will be the story of a child who was never supposed to be born but defied the odds from the start by cheating death and growing up to thrive despite the odds.

Moeez prides himself on his mindset of; if you can dream it, you can achieve it. The process of writing and publishing his novel made him believe all the more in the power of dreams and what can happen when you are not afraid to reach for them. Moeez decided to use his way of life to inspire others. Through his YouTube channel, non-fiction eBook and guidebook Dreams into Reality, and blog, Moeez helps people understand how to make their lives successful by converting their dreams to goals. He wants to bring hope and motivation to those who read his stories and show them how to turn their everyday lives into successful ones. This is much easier said than done, but everything worth doing takes hard work. Moeez strongly believes if you sit back and allow life to pass you by, thinking fate will have its way with you, then you are allowing that life slip through your fingers. The best way to achieve what you want is by having a healthy, and positive mindset and setting goals to work toward. Moeez's motto? Any dream goes! They do not have to be big; they just must be what your heart truly wants.

On top of writing, Moeez has many passions. Stargazing has fostered his study of astronomy, and cosmology. He loves to ponder a bright future for our world, just like the ones he has given the worlds he writes about, as he looks skyward. When reading, Moeez enjoys classic literature from authors like Jules Verne and Shakespeare. He feels they have influenced his own works. Attending the theatre, listening to music as well as wrestling, rugby, kayaking, hiking, working on computers, and sampling new foods are a few of his other favourite pass times.

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The Rise of The Omega Empress

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