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Moeez Hatanian

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Moeez is a sci-fi fantasy author and digital marketer born in an affluent family of entrepreneurs and architects. Although later in life, his passion for stars and cosmos took him through a different route than the rest of his family members. Moeez studied English literature and later obtained a certificate in Information technology.

Moeez’s passion for writing began in his early years. He often drafted poems in class, which usually got him in trouble. He further read books on astronomy and literature to pass his time. He was also
fascinated with celestial events, such as the passing of comet Halley, which made him wonder about the beauty of space and begin a new subject for his studies. Moving forward, he joined a north-
London-based group, Hampstead Scientific Society and travelled with them to Cornwall to watch the millennium’s last solar eclipse. 

Moeez’s passion for writing runs deep, which is why he still finds time to write poetry and short stories despite his busy schedule and day-to-day responsibilities. When Moeez met his late partner, she became a source of joy and inspiration for Moeez. After the loss of his beloved associate, Moeez took time off to travel throughout the world. During this period, he originally drafted The Legend of the Omnipotent Twin Empress; those were the first two books in his series.  Moeez’s first book, Echoes for Celia, was officially published in 2020, and the book was well-received
by his readers, earning him a Silver Award from an award-winning body, Literary Titan. By late 2020, his second book was also published and received another award from Literary Titan. He is working on follow-ups to the current book series and making self-help videos and programs for aspiring authors on his YouTube channel (MoeezH Productions ).

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