Mike Savage

"A Prisoner’s Perspective is a powerful and open memoir about coming to faith
and living out that faith whilst under lock and key"

"Read this book - everyone - you'll be glad you did"
"A story of redemption and renewal - well-lived and well-written"
"Impossible to put down"
"I was moved to tears and ultimately awe"

Mike Savage is a former radio personality, television news anchor, and criminal mastermind. He served fifteen years, two months, and twenty-eight days in federal prison for international money laundering. Crime was his second life, one that his wife and family knew nothing about until federal agents raided their home. He is currently an adjunct professor teaching Bible, theology, and psychology. He and his wife live on Padre Island in Texas.

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Interview 04 August 2018

Mike Savage Interview 04 August 2018 - Book Talk Radio Club
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