Mark & Jules  Kennedy

Mark and Jules are multi-award winning motivational speakers, authors and
creators of the Future Toolbox - Life Skills That You Don't Get From Sitting

When they're not speaking in education or at events, Mark is a keen runner
completing numerous half marathons and marathons and Jules recently
completed two full marathons. They both love travelling and spend time
backpacking around Asia and lots of Europe plus they're avid fans of
football and music.

Mark and Jules have worked with teens and adults for over 23 years. Their
mission is to help others create positive mindsets and habits and understand that life is for living.

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Interview 10 June 2020

Kennedy's Interview 10 June 2020Book Talk Radio Club
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Interview 27 October 2019

Mark & Jules Kennedy Interview 27 Oct 20Book Talk Radio Club
00:00 / 24:52

Interview on Book Talk Radio Club's

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