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I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a town of hot humid days and sultry passionate nights. Some days I sleep all day, and some nights, I dance all night. At midnight, I love to book airline tickets for the next day to fly anywhere and everywhere! NYC, Seattle, Mexico City, or maybe Paris, France. I'm a Late Bloomer and a Baby Boomer. I discovered boys at the early age of eleven; but it was not until I hit my twenties that I figured out how to play with them. I grew up in Norman Rockwell neighborhoods in safe, small town Canada; but behind closed doors our family had secrets. My dad was a military man. We moved every three years. I learned to say goodbye and not cry. Inside I was lonely and sad. I left home to become a missionary nun at eighteen, started my first business at the age of twenty-two. I tackled life with chutzpah certain that if I didn't take what I wanted, no one would hand it to me. I've made a career in entrepreneurship and sales. I'm a businesswoman, a salesperson, a trainer, a mentor, a lover, and a mother. And I write stories and poems and books and document with photography. I write of life, of love, of the yearnings and passions of our souls. In my writings I share with you my naked heart.

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Interview 08 December 2017

Lynda Filler Interview 08 Dec 2017 - Book Talk Radio Club
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