Lisa Ashlock

Writing is about passion and researching! Lisa Ashlock's drive is writing and teaching others what she has learned. Her enjoyment is writing about the medical field, in which she has a Master's degree in. The knowledge is never ending within the field. Technology is always changing along with studies regarding psychological disorders. 
Lisa can truly relate to many of the psychological disorders on a personal level and is truly passionate about them. Her writing not only comes from research but also from hands-on experience. She is able to put herself in the other individual's shoes and empathize with them. 
It's not only the individual with the disorder that hurts, it's the loved ones that take care of them also. It hurts to see a loved one hurting emotionally or physically, not understanding why they feel the way they do. She knows from being there, however, the more knowledge that you have, the more you can understand and the more you can help others. 
Her favorite place to go and spend time is at the library, where she has the entire world at her fingertips! She can go anywhere, do anything, and be whomever she wants! Knowledge is the key to success and understanding the world!

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Interview 30 June 2018

Lisa Ashlock Interview 30 June 2018 - Book Talk Radio Club
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