Lacey Pruett

Lacey Pruett is a business owner and yoga teacher, passionate about helping women find their higher self by stepping off-stage to engage in the inside job of wholeness. 

Serving (performing) as a communicator, TV host, speaker and educator for over 20+ years, she's equipped to mentor women of all ages. Her efforts gained momentum in 2012, when she served as Mrs. Texas United States, and spoke to a broader audience about healthy living and mindfulness. 

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Interview 18 May 2019

Lacey Pruett Interview 18 May 2019 - Book Talk Radio Club
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High Performance Detox

As women, we are taught that being a high performer is a badge of honor worthy of our pursuit. However, rooted in a need for attention, very often it's this high performance mindset that ultimately leads to feelings of failure and emptiness. This book will show you how making one key decision - the decision to step off-stage to identify and consider your true feelings will bring you enriched passion, new purpose, and increased prosperity.