Keith Heys

"I was born in Wakefield in the U.K. My Dad was a royal marine who served in WW2 in Burma and my Mother was a seamstress and a land army girl.

At the age of three my father was based in Portsmouth, and that’s where I grew up. I joined the Royal navy as an ordnance electrical mechanic at 16 and travelled the world.

I have always had a fascination with the spiritual, and spent eighteen years as part of the ministerial team in an evangelical church. In addition to my fascination with all things spiritual, I research conspiracies, global politics, history, cults and sacred symbology amongst many other things. Digging away to find golden nuggets of truth in a world of hidden agendas.

I have spent many years as a maintenance engineering manager, and am looking forward to retirement in two or three years.

My English teacher and my Mum told me I should write a book, in fact on one of my school reports my English teacher commented on it. Here I am at sixty-three years old and have finally written and published my book. I know my mum would be so proud."

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Keith's Book Talk Radio Club Podcast

Interview 22 July 2020

Keith Heys Interview 22 July 2020Book Talk Radio Club
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The Key & The Silence

He had become a lethal military machine, even his own men were wary of him, he had no regard for life, especially his own. His mission to coordinate and lead Necromicon hunt down and exterminate the Haaken faithful wherever they were found. That is until the ghost of his daughter he watched drown came back and piece by piece restored his heart and soul. He had to draw on every last ounce of his military experience to save her. Just as the prophesy foretold thousands of years ago.