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"I was born in Wakefield in the U.K. My Dad was a royal marine who served in WW2 in Burma and my Mother was a seamstress and a land army girl.

At the age of three my father was based in Portsmouth, and that’s where I grew up. I joined the Royal navy as an ordnance electrical mechanic at 16 and travelled the world.

I have always had a fascination with the spiritual, and spent eighteen years as part of the ministerial team in an evangelical church. In addition to my fascination with all things spiritual, I research conspiracies, global politics, history, cults and sacred symbology amongst many other things. Digging away to find golden nuggets of truth in a world of hidden agendas.

I have spent many years as a maintenance engineering manager, and am looking forward to retirement in two or three years.

My English teacher and my Mum told me I should write a book, in fact on one of my school reports my English teacher commented on it. Here I am at sixty-three years old and have finally written and published my book. I know my mum would be so proud."

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Interview 22 July 2020

Keith Heys Interview 22 July 2020Book Talk Radio Club
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