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"Interesting read for a tough subject"

"Unexpected, simplistic yet provoked self-reflection of one's own past."

"Poignant and well written. A very easy read, with relatable characters and content. Bravo!"

"Good character development and a fluid story line, this was a great summer read!"

"Cleverly written bright prose & story!"


My father always used to say, “too soon old, too late smart.”  He probably stole that line from some comedian, as he had a habit of doing.  He also used to say, “there’s nothing new under the sun.”  Since I’m fathers-words-of-wisdom reaching that “age,” I’ve figured out that it was time to share some of my wisdom.  The most important lesson I’ve learned is that one should never do anything to sacrifice the integrity of one’s potential.

With that in mind, I launched into a journey of self-discovery through writing.  It started with a blog, since that was the only place I could write whatever I wanted, without a deadline and without censorship.  I had spent most of my adult career in the not-for-profit world, mostly in fund-raising, development and marketing, and that entailed doing a lot of speech-writing, press releases and marketing pieces.  If I had written what I was really thinking, I wouldn’t have kept any of my three long-lasting tenured jobs much past the print deadline.

Having used my original blog to write vignettes about parenting, being a wife, daughter and employee, I began to tread into dangerous territory. It was originally going to be just another “empty nester” blog, but some of what I was writing was in danger of becoming too transparent and could have become damaging to me should I ever run for President!  It was suggested that I continue writing, but not post it in a public place. That’s when it came to me that I could craft some of the truth into fiction. 

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