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Joshua Loyd Fox

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Joshua Loyd Fox is the author of several novels including “I Won’t Be Shaken,” “Had I Not Chosen,” “Amongst You,” “To Build a Tower,” and "One Becomes a Thousand."

He is also the author of the upcoming "I Don't Write Poetry: A Collection," his first book of poems, and Book VI of the ArchAngel Missions, "Say unto This Mountain." His short stories, "The Book of the Tower and the Traitor" a companion series to The ArchAngel Missions, can be found on Amazon Vella.

​Joshua Loyd Fox is an old-fashioned boy from West Texas who now splits his time between northeastern Oklahoma, and New England with his wife, author and editor H.D. Daughrity, and their children, friends, and as many pets and books as they can surround themselves with. He is also the owner/publisher at Watertower Hill Publishing, LLC, and has started his own master class series titled "Joshua Loyd Fox's Mastering the Journey."

​Joshua enjoys cooking, hiking, the venerable hobby of pewter soldier casting, and can be found with a good cigar and an even better whiskey, next to a wood fire, on most evenings. He lives for his family, and the journey God has led him to the last few years.

​He has been a soldier, a Master Aircraft Mechanic, a cook, an amateur MMA fighter, and most recently, has worked as an Engineer, a Technical Writer and a SME for the US and foreign militaries on missile defense systems.

Find all of his work, as well as public appearances and his master class series at

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