Jim Fantauzzo

"The approaches are related to business strategies and proven ideas that are the result of the author's experience as a management consultant, speaker, researcher, trainer and corporate human resources professional in the real world of business. The information is rich with realistic ideas and approaches for clear judgment, selecting the right leadership behavior and capture the true essence of leadership"

"This book is a team centered leadership book and can be a resource for leaders
at every level of awareness and who aspire to lead."

Dr. Fantauzzo is the President of Creative Training Solutions, an organization of specialized management consultants, management trainers and professional speakers. He is recognized as one of the industry's finest speakers and seminar leaders in the areas of Christian Leadership Coaching, Total Quality Management, Management Development, and Employee Motivation Programs. His philosophy utilizes a realistic hands-on approach in which to apply and implement training activities at all levels. He is noted for his accomplishments as a leading workshop creator and dynamic facilitator both in the United States and Europe. In a rapidly changing business environment, you need a reliable way to assess and train leadership and management skills in your organization.

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Interview 04 November 2020

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