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Jenny Ford didn’t set out to be a writer. In fact, no one was more surprised than Jenny when she finished writing her first book!

Beauty was her first love. But when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, she had to close her highly successful Beauty Therapy business. And where many people may have struggled to emerge so positively from such a life change, Jenny soon discovered (thanks to a little Divine Intervention) that her true life purpose was writing.

She has gone on to write in multiple genres – plays, children’s books, contemporary women’s fiction and non-fiction books (guided prayers and inspirational messages) – and has also created her own merchandise (inspirational message cards).

Jenny has received two business awards in two consecutive years from The Businesses Community St Albans and was nominated for a prestigious global award for her fiction book ‘Prisoner Within’

Jenny says ‘I feel so blessed, grateful, and thankful for the life I have. Without the knocks and hard times I wouldn’t be where I am today!’

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