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Jennifer Geiger is the mother of three grown children and grandmother to eight as well as two great-grandchildren. Born in Kansas she now lives in Blacklick, Ohio with Jim, her husband of over thirty years. She is an active member of her church where she is involved in several ministries. As a child, Jennifer was known as a storyteller, a habit she continued after marrying and having children of her own. She claims there’s
something intriguing about inter-blending words and watch as they paint a picture in the minds of the listener. She was often challenged to write out her stories so others could enjoy. This is what she did in her first book, “Witness,” a story about life with Jesus as told through the eyes of the disciple He loved. Accompanying “Witness,” she completed
a companion workbook along with a video that could be used in an eight-session in-depth Bible study. Her latest endeavor, “Patmos” picks up where “Witness” left off and puts the reader into John’s shoes as he is banished to the isle of the same name.

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